3 Key Supply Chain Software Solutions Beyond Your ERP

December 11th 2018 16:00:00 PM

You’ve already upgraded your ERP to the latest version. The new functionality is helping your distribution business deliver more in less time and your business is growing.

In fact, your business is really growing. It’s growing so much that you can barely keep up with your day-to-day workload and, at this point, managing your lengthy supply chain to ensure you have the right inventory on hand is starting to be a huge hassle and a massive time waster.

Fortunately, there are easier, faster ways to manage your time and inventory, and they’re called supply chain management solutions. Feel like your ERP isn’t quite offering you the supply chain flexibility and control you need at your company? Here are three key supply chain software solutions that go beyond your ERP’s core capabilities.

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  1. Inventory Management

As a distributor, the practice of inventory management is nothing new to you. In fact, you’ve been doing this for decades now. However, in the age of eCommerce, you need to stay on top of your inventory management with more accuracy than ever before because slow deliveries, wasted space, and those Amazon storage fees can all negatively impact your business before you even knew what hit you.

Today’s inventory management tools, integrated with supply chain software solutions such as barcode scanners, can help you keep an eye on your stock levels in real time, so you always know what you have available and what you’ll need next. Some supply chain software integrates with automated procurement tools to save you extra time and hassle while managing your inventory.

  1. Business Intelligence

We all know these days that the key to business success is to pivot, pivot, pivot. Keeping a lookout for emerging trends, acting on those trends, and reaping the profits are great ways to leave all your competitors in the dust … but there’s a catch. In order to see what’s coming next, you must know what’s currently happening.

Considering how busy you already are, do you think you have time to run and analyze reports every single day? (We didn’t think so.)

In today’s agile environment, business intelligence (BI) software, long a staple of corporate success, is hitting the mainstream in a big way as companies of all sizes demand insight into their processes and performance. BI is a key component of many supply chain management software solutions, but the trouble is that if you don’t have data for these systems to analyze, you’re not going to get very helpful suggestions on how you can manage your supply chains more easily.

  1. Barcode Solutions

Like inventory management software and business intelligence, barcodes are nothing new to the supply chain and distribution landscape, and companies that have already implemented these tools are now ahead of their competition when it comes to supply chain management.

The reason barcoding solutions are so critical right now is because they tie everything together with your supply chain software solution by providing:

  • Lightning-fast data captures and data sharing
  • Real-time insight into performance and stock levels
  • Nearly effortless training, so you can increase output during the busy season
  • A better customer experience

Learn More About Supply Chain Software Solutions

Perhaps you’re one of the companies that hasn’t yet implemented barcode solutions and you’re surprised at the many benefits it can bring. Perhaps you’ve been using inventory management for years, but you didn’t know how much more you could be doing with it. Perhaps you’re interested in business intelligence, but you aren’t sure how to get started.

If you’re ready to succeed with better supply chain management software solutions that go beyond your ERP, we recommend you talk to your ERP reseller to learn more about your options. While you’re talking, ask your reseller how Scanco can help. 

Of course, we’re also happy to answer any barcoding questions you may have, so feel free to contact Scanco online or at (330) 645-9959 to get the in-depth, expert info on one of the leading supply chain management software solutions available today.


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