Avoid Material Shortages and Optimize Cash Flow

Scanco Purchase Agent for Sage 100 helps you manage the purchasing process so the right materials arrive just in time. 

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Purchase Agent for Sage 100

Purchase Agent

Manage your Sage 100 purchasing process and have the materials you need right when you need them. Purchase Agent analyzes orders, minimum stock requirements, current supply, purchase order quantities, and MRP projections to provide an optimized list of materials that need to be purchased.

By avoiding material shortages or excess inventory, Scanco Purchase Agent helps you reduce inventory costs and optimize cash flow.

Get Faster Insights

Purchase Agent provides an easy-to-read table, ready for your buyer to review, edit, and act upon. All information is available in a single location.

Increase Efficiency

Purchase Agent streamlines the purchasing process. With just a click of a button, Purchase Agent will generate a Sage 100 purchase order.

Optimize Cash Flow

Order only what is needed to satisfy the sales order. By consolidating items and orders, you can maximize purchasing power. Eliminate expedite fees by ordering what is needed at the right time.

Integrate with Work Order

Purchase Agent works with the Sage 100 Work Order Module to evaluate items being made from work orders and work order component requirements.

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