Production Management Plus for Sage 100 builds on Scanco’s years of experience developing Sage Production Management. The “Plus” is greater manufacturing automation with the tools you need to achieve greater visibility and control of your entire production process.

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sage production management

How Does Production Management Plus Help Today’s Manufacturers?

Track complex costs for increased reporting accuracy

Track costs beyond a simple bill of materials. Support for labor tracking and other job-related attributes—such as overheads, direct AP costs, and status—means you get a complete picture of costs. With accurate, real-time reporting, you can track costs relative to budget and make quick adjustments to inventory, materials, and processes.

Real-time visibility for up-to-date progress reports

Real-time item statuses let you know where you are in the supply process and enable you to keep your customers up-to-date with the progress of their orders—helping you to improve customer satisfaction by maintaining accurate expectations.

Inventory management optimization to eliminate error risk

Integrated inventory management controls enable you to minimize the risk of errors from exporting sales order data, spreadsheet data, and manually creating purchase orders to ensure that materials are at levels necessary to meet demand.

Looking for Sage Production Management?

As the original developer of Sage Production Management, we know that this app is all some small manufacturers need. Get solution information and access to Sage Production Management, IRP, and Shopfloor add-ons right from the Sage 100 Marketplace!

Increase Efficiency and Functionality with Scanco’s Production Management Plus

Production Management Plus provides additional functionality when Sage Work Order or Sage Production Management isn’t enough. PM Plus is designed for mid-sized manufacturers of consumer goods or food, or for distributors with a daily volume less than 10,000 orders a day.

The “Plus” in Production Management Plus offers greater automation and optimization for your warehouse including directed put away, bin replenishment, and pick-pack-ship operations. It is also effective when you have B2B or B2C omni-channel distribution requirements.

Production Management Plus is sold and supported by Scanco. With SaaS pricing, it is even easier to add new features at a reasonable cost. Contact us to get started.

sage production management

Base Production Management Features

Gives manufacturers and fabricators the tools they need to achieve end-to-end visibility into their entire production process.

sage production management

Scanco Procurement Automation Features

Add Scanco Procurement Automation to combine sales orders, minimum stock requirements, current supply, and purchase order quantities to forecast demand and automate the entire procurement process.

  • Work Ticket Steps


    • Re-number, add, change steps at anytime
    • Track Original and Revised Budget Hours
    • Track status by step
    • Track Change Order or Rework steps
    • Link a step to a Vendor for Outside
    • Processing and cut a PO to the Vendor from within the Work Ticket
    • Steps are 6 digits (as opposed to 4 in Work Order)
  • Work Ticket Materials


    • Add materials via Work Ticket Template, Bill of Materials, Import from flat file
    • Link material to a PO
    • Alias item cross-reference/lookup
    • Change material as needed, even after release
    • Change step number assignment as needed
    • Issue materials from inventory within the Work Ticket Entry screen.
  • Work Ticket Totals


    • Analysis of Budget, Current and Projected Costs
    • Variance $ and %
    • Cost Per Unit being manufactured
    • Click the Printer button to print the Cost Analysis totals to a report
    • Filter the cost analysis by Step to view one step’s cost information
  • Reporting And Inquiries


    • Works with or without Production Management
    • Critical items alert
    • Critical items to buy based on customized settings
    • Make or buy query interface
    • Save queries
    • View dynamic 10-layer subcomponent explosion
  • Demand Forecasting and Planning


    • Calculates quantities that need to be purchased
    • Calculates items that need to be made
    • Recommends quantity to make
    • Change Vendor, Quantity and/or Unit Cost
    • View projected quantity balances
    • Make or buy Create PO button allows auto-generation of Purchase Orders
    • Edit General Ledger allocations
  • Vendor Payments


    • Built-in electronic payment processing
    • Access to 24/7 web-based payment analytics and reporting
    • View payments by payment set, vendor, and status.
    • Multiple digital payment settlement types

Production Management Plus Features

Direct Scanco Support

While you will always have support for Production Management through Sage and your Sage Partner, with Production Management Plus you can come to Scanco for Work Order conversion, go-live implementation planning, and troubleshooting. As the developer of Sage Production Management, Scanco recognizes that we are the only third party who can help you adapt and better use Production Management. Why would you go to anyone other than the original source to enhance your Production Management application? Direct Scanco support comes with your PM Plus subscription.

Sage Shop Floor & Manufacturing 100

Apps designed to capture and send valuable “on the floor” activity and data collection back to Sage Production Management

sage production management

Control Your Floor

Delivers “Remote Transaction Collection” abilities to your workers on the shop or warehouse floor. Compatible as either a Windows OS app for workstations or available as iOS and Android Apps that deliver more mobility and data collection via WiFi and cellular connectivity—sending all data back to Sage.


Sage Production Management Data Sheet

Sage Production Management Brochure


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