Turn Your Sales Orders into Purchase Orders with Ease!

Sage 300 Enhancement Solution

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Sage 300 Sales Order to Purchase Order (SO2PO)

Create a Sage 300 Purchase Order just by selecting a vendor and item from an open Sage 300 Sales Order. This conversion tool makes Purchase Order creation quick and easy.


  • Create a PO by just selecting a vendor and Item in an open sales order
  • Quickly generate a Purchase Order from Order Entry
  • Highly scalable and customizable
Sage 300 Purchase Order
Sage 300 Purchase Order


  • An Open Sales Order can be an order with one or more items that are not yet shipped
  • An Open Sales Order can be a Sales Return for one or more item for that order
  • Generate, revise, and cancel existing PO
  • Update pending quantity
  • Recreate the PO for canceled Items
  • Display item cost from OE or PO setup
  • BOM unit cost and IC vendors
  • Audit reports to print PO and revise PO

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