Is 100% Accuracy Possible?

It’s a constant battle to keep up with demand, maintain stock levels, and ship out the door. 

Scanco Dashboard gives you the data you need to succeed.

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Scanco Dashboard

Manage your Sage 100 warehouse the new way. With the old wave method, you had predictable dips and spikes in productivity based on what stage of the batch each member of your team had completed. In the e-commerce era, that doesn’t work anymore.

With Scanco Dashboard, it’s easy to get orders picked, packed, and out the door. Why? Because you’re always maintaining productivity levels. With high flexibility and unprecedented insight, you can ensure that your orders get fulfilled faster than ever.

Real-Time Status

See how each employee is doing on overall productivity, efficiency, and work completion rates. Find out where they are in their task-completion cycle so you can start planning next steps.

Flexible Assignments

Assign any orders to any active warehouse users so you can maintain productivity levels, prioritize super-important orders, and manage your labor time efficiently.

Live Insight

Stay up-to-date with real-time data about the percentage of orders assigned and the percentage of orders in process. Drill down to get the details instantly.

Full Customization

Don’t waste time on data or numbers that don’t match your warehouse needs, layout, or size. Customize your dashboard so you can manage your warehouse at a glance.


Keep in touch with your team so you can check in on work status or delays, no matter where you or your team are located. 

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