4 Ways Warehouse Management Can Improve Customer Service

November 1st 2023 11:00:00 AM

At one time, a company’s warehouse was the place where goods were stored. Customers didn’t think much about the warehouse; they didn’t need to since they didn’t interact with the warehouse directly when making a purchase. With the increased popularity of e-commerce, the role of the warehouse has changed dramatically to take on a critical role in order fulfillment. The focus has moved from storage to improving customer service with a warehouse management system.

Customers Come First

You have probably heard the old saying, “The customer comes first.” In the e-commerce marketplace, they definitely come first and aren’t shy about expressing this fact! It’s simple; customers know that if they aren’t satisfied by the level of customer service they receive or anything else about their experience dealing with your company, they won’t hesitate to move on to one of your competitors.

Warehouse management has a role to play in fast, accurate order fulfillment. When delays are minimized, they lead to higher customer satisfaction rates (and profits).

Top 4 Ways Warehouse Management Improves Customer Service

warehouse management team in warehouse

The following are the top ways you can improve customer service through your warehouse management system.

  1. Clear Communication

In a large workplace, like a warehouse, clear communication between everyone on the job is necessary. Without it, the necessary work of inventory management and distribution will not be completed properly. Instructions to team members should always be clear and concise to minimize the possibility of misunderstanding.

  1. Connectivity

Warehouses vary in size and can be as large as 25,000 square feet in some instances. Employees must stay connected when they are on the job. To reach this goal, employers have multiple options when outfitting their employees with communication devices to stay in touch with management and ultimately, improve customer service: They can issue smartphones or two-way radios to their warehouse staff.

Two-way radios offer the advantage of offering quicker and more direct communication with employees. Radios are the more durable option, which is crucial for employees working with large, heavy, or temperature-sensitive products.

  1. Cloud-Based Inventory Software

Cloud-based inventory software offers several advantages to a business. It’s the best option for tracking stock and communicating data between the warehouse and the procurement departments. With cloud-based software, you are much less likely to have a stock-out or too many of one item in the warehouse.

Forecasting based on future company needs based on past sales or orders for raw materials becomes a much easier exercise. The company will be well stocked throughout the year, and customers will be pleased since the items they wish to order are in stock. Manufacturers will be able to fill orders promptly, since they have the raw materials they need on hand.

  1. Warehouse Organization

The way the warehouse is organized impacts how quickly customers receive their orders and customer satisfaction. If a customer is ordering a popular item that is placed toward the back of the warehouse and it takes more time for your team members to reach it, then it follows that it will take longer for the order to be packed and sent to the customer. This delay may not seem like a big problem for a single order, but when multiplied by hundreds or thousands of popular items, it will add up.

Some customers will become frustrated by even a slight delay in receiving their order and complain on social media about the delay. This is where your problem starts. Very few people stop to give a company the benefit of the doubt. Instead, they believe what they read on social media. To avoid this type of problem and keep sales moving quickly, organize your warehouse like this:

  • Place popular/fast-moving items in locations that are easy for your team members to find. Group items often sold together to make it easier to complete orders.
  • Items that are a little less popular should be placed in the middle of the warehouse. The products that don’t move often can be placed on shelves or on the floor at the back of your space. You will be saving your team members’ steps and helping them fill orders much more efficiently.
  • Use your warehouse management system to assist with constantly updating the list of popular items. They will change depending on the season. The management system can easily track which products are moving quickly and which ones are less popular at any time. Use it to help your team to label stock accurately, move it to reflect current sales patterns when necessary, and keep orders moving out quickly.

Scanco Warehouse Management Solutions Keep Your Team on Track

Scanco offers a variety of warehouse management solutions designed to get—and keep—your warehouse team on track. Once the warehouse workers are organized, their organization and speed in processing orders will spill over into customer service. More one-time buyers are likely to become repeat customers, which is the way to build your business and increase profits.

Get a fully automated inventory process optimization for Sage 100. Scanco’s solutions are flexible and will fit your company’s needs, whether you are operating a small, medium-sized, or large enterprise. All Scanco’s solutions are compatible with Sage 100.

Scanco WMS Essentials integrates seamlessly with Sage 100. Throw the pen and paper away; there is no further need for manual data entry. Your team can scan barcodes, look up items, and send counts into Sage 100 in real-time.

Scanco WMS Advanced gives you the most advanced technology available for Sage 100. As with Essentials, there are many hardware accessory options for your distribution needs. Advanced optimizes and mobilizes your picking and shipping functions. This option includes proof of delivery, directed order picking, multi-bin functionality, and more.

Scanco WMS Professional is our most advanced option for enterprise-level companies. Master your warehouse and distribution operations with our mobile devices. Professional will allow your team to increase speed and efficiency.

Scanco Dashboard is included with Professional. This BI tool gives you real-time insight to help you fill orders more efficiently.

To discover more about Scanco’s warehouse management solutions to improve customer service, contact us online, or call (330) 645-9959 to make an appointment with a Scanco Solutions Expert today.


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