6 Traits to Look for in an Inventory Management App

January 10th 2019 16:00:00 PM

If you’re in the market for an inventory management solution for your business, you need to spend some time thinking about the types of features that are most important to you. Once you have a clear idea about what you want the inventory management app to do for you, it will be much easier to know when you have found the right one to suit your needs.

By making up your own list of “must have” and “nice to have” features in advance, you are much less likely to be distracted by a software option that isn’t a deal-breaker. Instead, you can focus on the ones that will add the most value to your organization. 

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Inventory Management App Traits to Look For 

To work well for your business, an inventory management app will need several features. Look for the following when you are evaluating possible apps to determine whether they would be a good fit for your organization: 

  1. Scalability 

You’ll want to choose an app that can change and grow along with your business. The last thing you want is to choose an inventory management software program that seems as though it would be a good fit only to find out it’s outdated a short time after you bring it on board. Then, you’ll have to go through the process again to find a replacement. 

  1. Integrates with Existing Applications 

The app you choose should integrate effortlessly with the software your business is currently running. Ideally, information should flow from one app to another, without any interruptions, when you bring the new tool into the mix. Compatibility is an important factor that should be near the top of your list when making your decision. 

  1. Barcode Scanning In and Out 

Using barcode scanners, you can keep track of units of products and parts as they are coming in and going out of the warehouse. The app will also provide you with detailed information, such as the specific location in the warehouse and quantities. The items can be scanned on arrival in the warehouse to ensure the vendor shipped the correct amount. When your pickers need to select these items to fulfill sales orders, they can do so by scanning a barcode to ensure they are getting the correct quantities. 

  1. Updates in Real Time 

You’ll want the inventory management app you choose for your business to instantly update your records to reflect deliveries as they arrive at your warehouse, along with purchase orders and new sales orders. Everything coming through the system can be tracked and accounted for at a glance. 

  1. Convenience of Touch and Go Access 

The app needs to be robust enough to have many of the same features you would expect to find in a desktop solution in a mobile device. You and your team can then walk through the aisles of the warehouse and check off items as you go. The app should make it easy to open pick tickets or cycle counts as needed. 

  1. Ease of Use 

This is probably the most important point to keep in mind when choosing an inventory management app for your business. You can find an app with all the most advanced bells and whistles you want but if your team doesn’t find it easy to use, then you defeat the purpose of bringing it on board. 

The app should be a tool your workers can embrace within a relatively short time. Like any new tool in the workplace, they will need training to learn how to use it properly. The instructions should be straightforward so the user doesn’t need a background in computer technology to operate it. 

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