7 Benefits of a Mobile Sales App for Your Team

August 16th 2022 11:00:00 AM

Suppose your sales team is interacting with customers directly, and you don’t have a mobile sales app (yet). In that case, you could be ignoring a crucial method of reaching out to your customers. 

Consider the following statistics gathered by broadbandsearch.net:

  • There are over 10 billion mobile devices currently in use globally. This figure amounts to more than one per person on the planet. 
  • About 81% of the US population owns a smartphone.
  • Over half (50.3%) of internet traffic worldwide occurs on smartphones.
  • 90% of smartphone time is spent using apps.

How a Mobile Sales App Benefits Your Field Sales Team

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Now that you know that smartphones are essential to your customers’ everyday lives, how do you make a mobile sales app work for your field sales team? Here are ways it benefits your sales force:

1. The mobile app allows your sales team to address customer needs quickly.

When your sales representative calls on a new prospect or an existing customer, they will discover the problems your company can help with. 

Mobile apps can help with this by keeping relevant information available to the sales representative, who can point out potential time savings or higher production from different available models. The app also tracks company promotions and financing options. These can make a difference to decision-makers who may be on the fence about when to invest in new equipment or increase their inventory capacity.

2. It improves customer relationships.

The app lets your sales team access the customer’s complete sales history. This feature makes it much easier to respond to customer questions quickly with specific information that fits the customer’s needs. This detailed attention builds trust between the sales representative and the customer, resulting in higher levels of customer loyalty.

3. A mobile app boosts inventory.

As part of the selling process, customers will likely inquire whether the items they wish to order are in stock. Sales representatives can use real-time inventory data to determine where things are at any time. Suppose the rep can show the customer that your company can deliver desired items promptly. In that case, the customer can take the next step to place the order confidently.

4. It provides instant access to product information.

Your sales team won’t be bogged down having to carry multiple paper brochures and spec sheets when it goes to call on customers. The mobile sales app is all the information your sales reps need to share with prospects and existing customers about your products. They can immediately access product descriptions, photographs, specs, and pricing to answer any customer questions.

5. The mobile app makes changing or correcting customer orders easy.

When sales orders were written on paper, representatives had multiple copies to contend with. Changing the quantities or correcting items ordered was a task that may have involved having the sales rep make numerous phone calls to correct. 

Then the sales rep would have had to rewrite the order with a note indicating it was to replace the original one. If quantities changed, the customer would likely have had to sign for the new amount. These steps were time-consuming and meant the sales rep was not making calls. 

A mobile sales app means the sales rep can change or correct orders quickly. It can be forwarded to the customer for approval electronically, if necessary. The sales rep can even follow up with the customer electronically to assist with any questions or concerns. The entire system is much more efficient than in the past.

6. It allows your sales team to do business from anywhere.

Your sales representatives don’t necessarily have to go to your customer’s place of business to sell your products. The mobile sales app lets your sales team meet your customers anywhere. Your sales team is ready to do business when it’s convenient for the customer, whether it’s the customer’s home office, a coffee shop, or a job site.

A mobile sales app makes taking orders at trade shows and conventions easy and convenient. It’s much faster than trying to put through multiple paper sales orders at the end of the day. Instead, each order is placed immediately, and the products are taken out of inventory in real time. Your sales team always has current stock information available. 

7. The mobile sales app increases close rates. 

A mobile app gives your sales team the tools it needs to complete transactions while they are in front of the customer. The sales rep doesn’t have to schedule a second meeting to provide further information for the customer to decide. 

Many customers have already done considerable research about products online before reaching out to a company to speak to a salesperson. They are already motivated to make a buying decision when they speak with someone about their needs. The mobile app makes it easier to clarify the customer’s needs and finalize the deal during the meeting.

Scanco Sales Puts the Tools for Success in Your Team’s Hands

Scanco Sales is our mobile sales app, and it keeps your outside sales team with the tools and information they need for success. Scanco Sales automates your sales order processing so your team can access inventory from your Sage ERP in real-time. Once an order is placed, your sales representative can review and print the sales order immediately. Your customer can pay with a credit card on the spot, which improves your company’s cash flow. 

Discover how you can speed up your sales cycle with Scanco Sales today. Just  contact us online or call (330) 645-9959 to make an appointment with a Scanco Solutions Expert to take the next step today.


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