A More Personalized Way of Warehouse Management

February 27th 2015 19:10:18 PM

Sage 100 Warehouse Management for Android: Making the Software Your Own

When it comes to how you manage your warehouse, a personalized approach is always the best approach. While a list of tried and true methods is helpful when developing processes and streamlining operations, they will not always be a perfect match for your warehouse environment. The best warehouse managers know that in order to create the most optimized warehouse experience, you need to choose from a variety of methods that best fit your warehouse in order to arrive at the perfect operation.

Your warehouse management software should be no different.
Just as Android provides users with the capability to personalize the user experience in a way no other device does, our Sage 100 warehouse management apps put you in charge of the experience. All of our Sage 100 mobile apps can be customized to fulfill all of your warehouse management needs. Whether you need a robust barcoding solution to automate time-consuming processes or simply need visibility between the warehouse and sales floor, our apps can be fully customized to fit your unique needs.

Add-On Features Make Mobile Devices More Suitable for the Warehouse
The warehouse can be a rough environment on technology. From harsh conditions to frequent use, your mobile device can wear down quickly if you aren’t careful. In fact, it’s for this reason that many companies are choosing not to incorporate mobile technology into the warehouse. They believe smartphones and tablets are not rugged enough to meet their needs in the normal warehouse environment.

We expected this to be an issue, and we created a solution to help you take advantage of the benefits of mobile technology without spending thousands or ruining your device. Our mobile accessories allow you to build as rugged a device as you want – without having to invest in additional technology or hardware. In fact, our new pistol grip accessory from Infinite Peripherals protects your handheld device from harsh warehouse conditions so you can continue using your device in the warehouse without any concern.

Our solutions are also designed to grow with you, allowing you to add functionality as you need it. You can build your perfect warehouse management solution as your company grows, meaning you only have to invest in the technology you need today. This opens up more opportunities for you to focus on warehouse growth without worrying about hardware and technology costs.

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