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Directed Put Away for Acumatica

Directed Put Away is an essential feature of warehouse management systems that helps optimize the storage and retrieval of goods in the warehouse. It ensures that items are placed in the appropriate locations based on factors such as product characteristics, demand patterns, and storage capacity. Directed Put Away enhances efficiency, accuracy, and productivity by streamlining the put-away process.


Optimized Storage Space

Directed Put Away enables warehouse managers to determine the most suitable storage locations for incoming items based on factors such as product dimensions, weight, and storage requirements. By directing warehouse staff to place items in the most optimal locations, storage space utilization can be maximized, reducing the need for additional storage space, and minimizing operational costs.

Efficient Inventory Management

With Directed Put Away, warehouse staff can ensure that items are stored in locations that align with their demand patterns. This enables faster and more accurate order picking, as items are stored closer to the picking areas or in locations that are easily accessible. By strategically placing items, warehouse managers can reduce travel time, improve order fulfillment speed, and enhance overall inventory management.

Product Segmentation

Directed Put Away allows for the segregation of products based on categories such as temperature sensitivity, expiration dates, or special handling requirements. This ensures that items with specific storage needs are stored in the appropriate areas, reducing the risk of damage, spoilage, or non-compliance with regulatory standards. By properly segregating products, warehouse managers can maintain product quality, adhere to safety regulations, and minimize waste.

Inventory Accuracy

Directed Put Away ensures that inventory records are updated in real-time as items are received and stored. By integrating with warehouse management systems, such as Scanco’s picking module and Acumatica ERP, inventory levels are accurately reflected, preventing stockouts, overstocks, or discrepancies between physical and recorded inventory. This improves order fulfillment accuracy, reduces the risk of overselling, and enhances customer satisfaction.

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