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License Plating for Acumatica

License Plating is a valuable feature that plays a crucial role in inventory management and streamlining operations for businesses. It enables businesses to group multiple items or products together and assign a unique license plate number to the group. This license plate number serves as a reference for tracking and managing the group of items throughout the inventory and shipping processes. 

The importance of License Plating lies in its ability to streamline inventory management and shipping processes, leading to improved operational efficiency. This feature offers several benefits and use cases, including:

Inventory Management

License Plating allows businesses to manage and track groups of items within their inventory more efficiently. By assigning a unique license plate number to a group of items, businesses can easily locate and track the entire group as a single unit. This simplifies inventory counting, picking, and replenishment processes, as businesses can treat the group of items as a single entity. It enhances accuracy, saves time, and improves overall efficiency.

Order Fulfillment

License Plating enhances the order fulfillment process by enabling businesses to pick and pack multiple items together as a single unit. Instead of picking and packing each individual item separately, warehouse staff can pick and pack whole license plates, reducing the time and effort required. This improves order fulfillment speed, reduces errors, and enhances overall customer satisfaction.


License Plating streamlines the shipping process by allowing businesses to generate shipping labels and documentation for entire license plates rather than individual items. This simplifies the shipping process, reduces paperwork, and improves shipping accuracy. It also enables businesses to track and trace entire license plates during transit, ensuring visibility and accountability throughout the shipping journey.

By leveraging License Plating, businesses can optimize their inventory management and shipping processes, improving efficiency and reducing errors. This feature simplifies inventory tracking, streamlines order picking and packing, and provides real-time visibility into the movement of items throughout the supply chain. It enhances collaboration and communication among different teams by ensuring everyone can access accurate and up-to-date inventory information. Embracing License Plates as part of inventory and shipping management can help businesses achieve greater operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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