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Receiving Module & Advanced Receiving for Acumatica

Receiving module, including Advanced Receiving, is a critical component of warehouse operations that ensures accurate inventory management and efficient handling of incoming goods. It helps businesses streamline the receiving process, improve visibility, and reduce delays.


Advanced Receiving

Advanced Receiving is ideal for warehouses that receive large volumes of goods or have complex receiving requirements. It allows warehouse staff to efficiently process incoming shipments by capturing detailed information such as purchase orders, packing lists, and tracking numbers. With Advanced Receiving, businesses can accurately record and verify received quantities, inspect goods for quality control, and update inventory records in real time. This helps reduce errors, improve inventory accuracy, and prompt resolution of discrepancies.

Streamlined Receiving Process

Scanco’s receiving module simplifies and automates the receiving process, reducing manual paperwork and streamlining data entry. It enables warehouse staff to capture and validate receiving information efficiently, ensuring accurate and timely updates to inventory records.

Real-Time Inventory Updates

As goods are received, Scanco’s receiving module updates the inventory records in real time, providing immediate visibility into stock levels. This helps prevent stockouts, optimize reorder points, and improve inventory management.

Quality Control and Inspections

Scanco’s receiving module allows for seamless integration with quality control processes. It enables warehouse staff to perform inspections, record any damages or discrepancies, and initiate corrective actions promptly. This ensures that only quality goods are accepted into inventory, reducing the risk of customer dissatisfaction and returns.

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