Are Mobile Warehouse Apps on the Rise?

September 27th 2013 15:46:58 PM

Mobile technology and tablets are transforming our manufacturing floors and warehouses. Mobile devices and tablets are quickly replacing stationary computers and rugged handheld computing devices specifically designed to handle warehouse needs. In the past, mobile phones and tablets would never have been allowed on the warehouse floor and certainly would not have been used to count inventory or pick and pack orders. They were thought to be too delicate to handle the work required of them in the warehouse.

However, as technology has evolved, companies have seen the value in bringing mobile devices and tablets into the warehouse. For one, they are often more affordable than their warehouse-specific counterparts. They can also be equipped with accessories that protect them in a warehouse environment and make them more rugged for the type of work necessary in the warehouse.

Mobile warehouse applications (or apps, as they are more commonly known) have recently emerged as a warehouse trend that looks like it is here to stay. As more and more companies begin to see the value in using mobile apps in the warehouse, more apps will be created to alleviate warehouse management challenges and bring real-time visibility and reporting to the warehouse and its workers.

We have watched this trend emerge over the last few years and have recently released our newest mobile application for iOS and Android devices – Scanco Counts. This Sage 100 mobile (formerly MAS 90 mobile and MAS 200 mobile) application is designed to ease physical count challenges and bring real-time visibility to the warehouse. Users can scan items and barcodes directly from their mobile phones and the data will be sent in real-time to Sage 100 ERP, eliminating the need for manual (and often error-ridden) data entry.

Take a moment to learn about the value mobile applications can bring to your warehouse – contact us today! We would be more than happy to show you how our Sage 100 mobile (and Sage 500 mobile) apps can transform your warehouse (and sales) processes and save your company valuable time and money.

Do you use mobile phones or tablets in the warehouse? If so, what prompted you to make the transition?


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