Outdated manual processes that do not support the “new normal” such as social distancing will no longer suffice, meaning warehouses must adapt now.

Why Automate Now?

Mobile automation technology in conjunction with data collection best practices can transform your warehousing and distribution operations. Automating the data collection process for frontline warehouse, manufacturing, and field services personnel can drive inventory accuracy to 99.5% and above.

What are some of the “Post-COVID” challenges automation can help you solve?

Social Distancing is Likely Here to Stay

How can warehouse automation technology help facilitate important health and safety measures on the horizon? 

Replacing paper processes with mobile automation technology, distributors can support existing and future safety measures as state restrictions begin to loosen.

Scanco technology can help facilitate important health and safety measures for COVID-19 by:

Eliminates hand-to-hand
paper transfers

and using shared workstations, to reduce the risk of any transmission.

Updates your Sage 100
in real-time

without any additional steps, such as writing, scanning, or emailing data to offsite staff.

Long-range scanning
sleds reduces 

the physical closeness of workers and unnecessary entering of shared spaces

Some of the valued brands that use scanco for automating their operations.

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