Automated Inventory Programs Benefit Employees

November 21st 2019 16:00:00 PM

Do you have automated inventory programs? If so, you may have a benefit that attracts great talent to work for your company.

With the US unemployment rates at historically low rates (3.5 percent in September 2019), businesses, especially warehouses and retail/e-commerce businesses, struggle to find good help. Seasonal needs also increase the demand for temporary workers but, with low unemployment rates, it can be difficult to attract them.

HR Benefits of Automated Inventory Programs

Automated inventory programs such as those provided by Scanco can, in fact, help you attract more talent to your doorstep. These programs use common handheld devices such as tablets or smartphones outfitted with scanners and Scanco apps to transform them into handheld scanners.

Employees love the ease with which they can transition from using their phones to scanners. There’s a very short learning curve, which makes it easy to teach seasonal workers how to use the scanners. And, you have peace of mind knowing inventory counts are accurate because there’s no manual counting involved. Swipe the barcode and you have a count of items.

Warehouse work may not have been attractive to people in the past. Manual counts, heavy lifting, and tedious stock taking didn’t offer much in the way of interesting work. However, with new, automated inventory programs, workers can move quickly through the warehouse. The work isn’t as tedious and they can help with other parts of your business.

While other factors come into play when it comes to attracting talent to your team, having automated inventory programs certainly helps.

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