Avoid the Seven Deadly Sins of Customer Service With Inventory Control Software

July 16th 2019 15:00:00 PM

Any business owner will tell you that building customer loyalty is something that is a key component to success. At one time, offering value by offering quality products at fair prices and having attentive employees was a good way to foster this type of loyalty. Now, brand loyalty may matter less to buyers who are expecting a combination of low prices, free (or low-cost) shipping, and next-day delivery. Inventory control software is a valuable tool that gives you real-time data and improves the customer service experience.

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Don’t Commit These Seven Deadly Sins of Customer Service

Since offering exemplary customer service is so important to developing long-term relationships with customers, you’ll want to be proactive about avoiding these situations in your business. Any of them could be enough to turn a customer off from ever placing another order.

  1. Out of Stocks Are a Surprise

A customer is shopping online and finds just the item they have been looking for. They decide to buy it and place it in the online shopping cart. The customer gets to the checkout stage of the process and then finds out whether the coveted item is in stock or not. If it isn’t, you have one frustrated customer who isn’t likely to buy from you again.

  1. Shipment Updates Difficult to Track

Once an order has been made, customers want to be kept informed about its progress. For orders being delivered by regular mail, the customer is interested in knowing that it’s in progress and the exact shipping date. For orders being sent by courier, the customer should receive the foregoing information, plus a tracking number.

  1. Wrong Product is Delivered

Accuracy is an important part of good customer service. Mistakes like this likely won’t happen often. When they do, it’s bound to be a source of disappointment and annoyance for the customer.

  1. Shipment Arrives Late

Even with the best efforts, shipments can arrive later than anticipated from time to time. The estimated date of delivery is likely to be seen in the same manner as a promise of delivery. Today’s customer is not likely to be forgiving of a late arrival.

  1. Delivery Doesn’t Arrive at All

The only thing more frustrating than a late delivery is the one that doesn’t arrive at all. This can be a stressful situation for the customer, who must reach out to the company to request a replacement or a refund. Waiting for a response is difficult even for the most patient customer.

  1. Products Difficult to Return

Make returns as easy and convenient as possible for the customer by printing instructions on the packing slip and you’ll increase the likelihood of being able to retain him for future business. If, on the other hand, the customer must visit the website to search for instructions on how to return an item or call customer service to discover this information, you’re making a simple function more difficult.

  1. Not Responding to Customer Concerns Promptly

Customers expect that their questions and concerns will be handled without delay via their choice of email, phone, or live chat. It’s important that customer service representatives have access to up-to-date data on orders to answer questions accurately. If they are unable to provide the requested information, the customer is less likely to have confidence in the competence of the company as a whole.

Inventory Control Software a Solution for Customer Service Issues

How can inventory control software help you avoid the types of customer service issues listed here?

  • With real-time updates, owners, managers, and procurement will be aware of which items are getting low so they can be ordered before they turn into out-of-stock items.
  • Once a customer places an order, the software makes it easy to track as it’s being processed through the warehouse and prepared for shipping. With the number of checks involved, it’s much less likely that the wrong product will be shipped to a customer.
  • The customer is advised of any issues automatically while the order is being prepared for shipment, automatically.
  • The customer is advised by email when the shipment leaves the warehouse. If the shipment is being delivered by courier, a tracking number is provided to the customer automatically.

Scanco has the solutions you need to keep your warehouse running smoothly and enhance the customer service you provide. Contact us online today to arrange an appointment to discuss how inventory control software solutions can contribute to your business.


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