Boost Your Manufacturing Business With Real-Time Data, Inventory Automation

October 1st 2019 15:00:00 PM

The manufacturing industry has always been a competitive one. Manufacturers are constantly looking for ways to achieve higher levels of efficiency without compromising quality. Modern technologies provide real-time data on machine production, performance, tracking sales, inventory, and more. The data can be used to make decisions in the warehouse, on the shop floor, when dealing with distributors, and in the executive offices. Inventory automation is another option for manufacturers looking to increase accuracy and efficiency.

If you’re already in the know about the benefits of inventory automation for your manufacturing business, don’t hesitate one more minute to explore implementing them. Contact us online or call (330) 645-9959 to schedule an appointment with a Scanco Solutions Expert. 

Real-time Data and Inventory Automation: Powerful Tools at Your Disposal 

  1. Easily Track Quality Levels Throughout the Production Facility
    To determine where there may be production issues, the first step is to determine whether the machines and work centers, as well as the overall processes, are working well. Once you have a baseline of operations by collecting data in real time, it can be used to continue tracking progress and setting new performance goals. The real-time data will also alert your team to problems so they can be dealt with quickly. 

  2. Use Real-Time Data to Improve Schedule Accuracy
     With real-time data in hand, it becomes much easier to check production schedules for accuracy. There may be opportunities to adjust fixed production schedules to achieve higher productivity levels or to accommodate rush orders.
  3. Real-Time Data Collection Helps to Extend Life of Equipment and Tools
     The equipment and tools used in a manufacturing facility require regular maintenance and repairs to perform at their best. Real-time data and predictive analytics can be used to determine when machines and tools need to be scheduled for maintenance.

    Keeping these appointments on a regular basis will diagnose small problems before they become larger and more expensive ones to repair. This strategy will also extend the life of these items, since they will be kept in good working order. 

  4. Inventory Automation Reduces Raw Material Overstocks 
    Switching to a real-time inventory control system gives your company benefits that are definitely worth considering. This type of update means there is little chance of being stuck with an overstock of raw materials.

    There won’t be any guesswork about which products are most popular or when stock is getting low. This information will be conveyed in real time so that you can place orders appropriately.

Manufacturing 100: Inventory Automation Solution Developed to Increase Efficiency

 Scanco understands that today’s manufacturers are interested in finding ways to maximize productivity. An effective technique for achieving this goal is to include inventory automation in your day-to-day operation. 

Manufacturing 100 from Scanco is a powerful solution that gives your business the benefit of control over your physical inventory using automated barcode systems that eliminate manual data entry for cycle counting and end-of-year counting. You’ll have the capability of having immediate access to precise, current information when you need it. 

Based on this information, you can make informed decisions about inventory planning to avoid running out of stock on necessary items and buying new materials to respond to customers’ demands. You will also be able to have the information needed to determine whether you can reasonably accommodate changes to your production schedule for larger-than-usual or rush orders. The more, and more accurate information, available to you, the better decisions you will be able to make to grow your business. 

To discover more about how Scanco’s Solutions Experts can recommend the right options to fit your manufacturing business, taking the next step is easy. Simply contact us online or call (330) 645-9959 to make an appointment for your personal consultation.


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