Can Advanced Warehouse Enterprises Realistically Go Mobile?

April 24th 2015 14:30:06 PM

Mobile Warehouse Management for the Most Advanced Warehouse Environments

You’ve heard it said over and over again – mobile is the new frontier for warehouse management. Everywhere you look, warehouse managers are boasting about the flexibility and usability of their mobile warehouse management solutions. Workers are using iPhones to pick and pack orders, scan inventory for cycle counts, and create crucial reports. Managers are accessing real-time dashboards from their tablets, printing pick lists directly from their mobile devices, and accessing the reports they need to make quick and informed decisions.

Does it all seem too good to be true? While the benefits of using mobile technology in the warehouse to streamline processes, improve visibility, and increase productivity seem promising, many advance warehouse enterprises just don’t know how to make it work on a large scale. And until very recently, there were not any advanced enterprise solutions that could adequately meet the needs of advanced warehouses in a mobile way.

Introducing the Mobile Answer for the Advanced Enterprise

We created Scanco Warehouse to deliver mobile warehouse management and automation into the hands of the everyday warehouse. What we quickly realized, however, was that in order to meet the needs of the more advanced warehouse, we would need to develop a more sophisticated and rugged solution. Something that could sustain the ruggedness of the warehouse environment and function seamlessly in high-volume situations. What we came up with was Scanco Enterprise, our first mobile warehouse management solution designed specifically for the advanced warehouse.

Scanco Enterprise delivers everything you need in terms of warehouse automation and warehouse management. From the Advanced Shipping module designed to streamline the picking, packing and shipping process to the Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) module designed to simplify the returns process, advanced enterprises have everything they need to manage their warehouses directly from their mobile devices.

Scanco Enterprise users can turn their smartphones and tablets into barcoding devices and printers with add-on enhancements, eliminating the need to purchase further automation hardware. Users can also mix and match devices to meet their preferences, interchanging smartphones, tablets, barcoding devices and mobile computers for the perfect warehouse management and automation solution.

Protecting Your Mobile Device in the Warehouse

Let’s say the capabilities of Scanco Enterprise have you intrigued, but you are concerned about the safety of mobile devices in your warehouse. We understand that many warehouses have less than ideal conditions for expensive mobile hardware. For the past few years, this has been the main concern of advanced enterprises around the world. Mobile devices, as they stand, are just not suitable for rugged warehouse environments.

That’s why we’ve paired Scanco Enterprise with the Symbol TC70, a powerful, professional-grade Android device built from the ground up specifically for the enterprise. With the TC70, you have the power of mobile warehouse management at your fingertips. Just as easy to use as your employees’ own consumer-grade devices, the TC70 includes Motorola’s Extensions (Mx), which turns Android into a true enterprise-class operating system and advanced scan engine with long range data capture capability. Its rugged design makes it suitable for any warehouse environment, and it can even double as a two-way radio for instant communication.

The Verdict on Mobile Warehouse Management

So our final thoughts on whether advanced enterprises can go mobile with warehouse management? Absolutely! With the right tools and technology, advanced enterprises can – and should – embrace mobile warehouse management. Mobile solutions will give you the competitive edge you need today and in the future, so why not make the investment today?

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