Catch Weight v. 2021 Now Available

September 8th 2021 20:21:40 PM

Catch Weight v. 2021Scanco has been working diligently toward modernizing and updating important functionality for our manufacturing and distribution customers. We are happy to announce that the newest version of Catch Weight is now available.

Jeanne Jackson, VP of Product Management made the announcement, “This release is great news for our customers, like those in the food industry, who ship items with varying weights. Scanco Catch Weight is another example of our dedication in developing advanced features for our warehouse management system.”

Catch Weight is designed to allow specialty food manufacturers and vendors to sell product by the case or other unit of measure while retaining the ability to invoice by the pound. Catch Weight v. 2021 includes some new functionality in addition to the modernization.

  • Scanco Catch Weight will work with and without Scanco Multi-Bin installed
  • Up to 200 cases may be assigned to a single item from the Scanco Catch Weight distribution window
  • Four decimal places can now be entered in weight fields for even more weight distribution accuracy
  • Scanco Catch Weight fields have been added to AR Invoice History Inquiry, Invoice History Printing and Reports
  • Catch Weight fields are integrated into Scanco Warehouse handhelds

This module is an Add-On for Scanco WMS Advanced users and is included in Scanco WMS Professional.

Ready to Learn More?

The Catch Weight installation guide and release notes are available on the Scanco Downloads page. You must request a new registration file to upgrade to 2020.1. Contact to learn more.


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