Celebrating Scanco Employee Promotions

May 4th 2022 17:24:13 PM

Scanco has grown tremendously since 2021 and a huge testament to that is the employees who helped reshape what Scanco is known for; they took service to our resellers and end users to the next level. We would like to celebrate that growth and success in 2022 by announcing promotions for these individuals who have played a vital role in the company’s success.

Tonya O’Neal: Director of Product Compliance

Tonya has been a vital member of the Scanco team since she joined us in August of 2017. During her time with Scanco, she has become known for her depth of knowledge in Operations Management as well as helping to create what is known today as Sage Production Management. She is also well known in the partner community for her thoroughness and detail when it comes to not only explaining products but providing solutions for some of the most complex operations in our industry. As Scanco continues to branch out and develop new products for the Sage community, we are thrilled to announce her promotion to Director of Product Compliance. In this role, she will work with our VP of Development and Product Compliance teams to ensure that as Scanco expands its product lines, we deliver superior products to our community and abroad.

Juston Jones: Manager of Support & Implementations

Juston joined our team in 2018 as a level one technician and over the course of four years has taken on many roles that include installation, customer experience, level two support, and managing implementations. During this time, he has helped facilitate hundreds of successful implementations and we are excited that he will be able to continue his growth as a contributor as he will now manage our Support and Implementation Teams. His experience in the manufacturing and distribution industry, combined with his accreditation as a Sage Certified Technical Consultant makes him a huge asset to our customer base and we are extremely excited to have him manage these teams.

Mark Jakubowski: Implementation Coordinator

Mark joined the Scanco team only six months ago as a level one technician and quickly exhibited himself as a key contributor with a thirst for knowledge and detail. His skills in collaborating with customers to manage their projects as well as providing a first-class experience have earned him the promotion to now be the first line of our implementation process. With Mark taking on our Implementation Coordinator role, we look forward to him redefining what the implementation process looks like and continuing to improve our customers’ implementation success.


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