Compliance Automation Gives You Peace of Mind

December 5th 2023 11:00:00 AM

Compliance Automation Gives You Peace of Mind - person on mobile device in warehouse

Business automation is a topic that has gained popularity recently. More companies are using technology to automate functions and technologies. Implementing business process automation can result in significant productivity gains for a company by transforming processes that were traditionally performed manually into automated ones.

Compliance automation allows you to use technology to check your systems for compliance continuously. It replaces manual processes and gives your team the capability to track compliance procedures from a single location.

How Compliance Automation Works

A compliance system uses technology to automate and simplify compliance processes. Once deployed properly, it reduces manual effort, boosts accuracy, and improves the efficiency of compliance management. Embracing automation allows companies to:

  • Ensure adherence to regulatory requirements
  • Mitigate risks
  • Maintain a powerful compliance mode

Automate Compliance Workflow

Automating the compliance workflow allows you to reprogram your existing software. Once this step is completed, the software will be able to complete tasks independently.

Instead of having a team member update a task manually, the software will automatically update it. The software will also have the capability to update and track pending items. The software can be set to notify a manager based on preset parameters.

Compliance Automation Replaces Spreadsheets

A compliance automation solution for your business gives you the tools you need to have an online filing system for all your compliance data. Decisions won’t be made based on incomplete or outdated information since the software keeps your company in compliance automatically.

All your company compliance activities are stored in one place, including the following:

  • Contracts
  • Policies
  • Regulations
  • Standards

Benefits of Compliance Automation for your Business

An automated compliance solution works best for companies that have access to sensitive data. It provides benefits in terms of saving time and money, reporting, and information security.

  • Real-time Data

Compliance automation takes all compliance statuses and workflows into a single dashboard. It eliminates the need for tracking spreadsheets or multiple applications.

Since the data is displayed in real-time, your company also benefits from improved risk management. Real-time alerts make it easy to deal with any issues as they arise instead of discovering them several weeks or months later.

  • Higher Level of Efficiency

Manual processes are always subject to human error. They can lead to transcription errors from the spreadsheet to the computer and misinterpretation of compliance procedures. The company may end up paying fines in the thousands of dollars due to human error.

When using compliance automation, humans are only required to update the system when regulations change or when responding to alerts.

  • Reduced Compliance Risk

Automating your compliance reduces the likelihood that your company will be fined for non-compliance. The automated response eliminates the human error factor and saves time.

An automated system reduces the company’s risk by allowing your team to continuously monitor your system and identify potential problems automatically. It saves a significant amount of money over having an employee attempt to provide the same monitoring level.

How to Introduce Compliance Automation to your Organization

When introducing compliance automation to your team members, a structured approach is best. Consider taking the following steps:

1. Start with a Complete Assessment

The first step is a full assessment of industry standards, applicable regulations, and internal policies the company must follow. The assessment identifies the compliance requirements automation may be able to address.

2. Evaluate Technology

Next, map out the compliance processes currently in use. Evaluate and choose appropriate software to automate the company’s compliance processes. To do so, consider the following:

  • Functionality
  • Integration capabilities
  • Scalability
  • Vendor reputation

3. Integrate and Implement Automation Technology

The company integrates and implements the new software into the company’s current infrastructure, ensuring data privacy and security. The software may need to be customized to meet specific compliance needs.

During this step in the process, automation workflows are defined. The workflows set out how compliance tasks are completed, monitored, and reported.

4. Conduct Regular Reviews and Audits

Your compliance automation solutions need to be reviewed to make sure they are meeting the organization’s compliance needs effectively. The compliance automation solutions should also be audited on a regular schedule to review its performance and the overall organization’s compliance.

Compliance Automation Improves Compliance Efficiency

If you have identified compliance efficiency as an issue for your company, compliance automation is the solution you need to help reduce costs, improve your compliance efficiency, and reduce your risk of non-compliance. These best practices will ensure your company will get the most out compliance automation.

Look to Scanco for Compliance Automation Solutions

Scanco has partnered with Sage to provide Sage 100 users with the most up-to-date mobility applications. These apps are designed to assist you in managing your warehouse and manufacturing operations.

When you choose the Mobility for Barcode Module, team members on the shop and warehouse floors can perform occupational activities and process real transactions. The data capture is sent to Sage using Mobility for Bar Code. All core warehouse activities can be positively impacted in this manner, including:

  • Receiving
  • Put-away
  • Replenishment
  • Picking
  • Packing
  • Shipping

Mobility for Barcode brings the capabilities of Sage into the warehouse. Mobility allows data capture to occur at the point of activity on the shop floor or in the warehouse. It increases customer satisfaction and retention levels due to the higher accuracy rates and order fulfillment speed.

Stay on top of your compliance responsibilities with automation technology. It will help your team stay on track with updates to regulations and making appropriate changes to your products and procedures before your company undergoes an update.

Would you like to discover how Scanco can help you automate your compliance responsibilities and find out which Mobility solutions are right for you? Contact us online, or call (330) 645-9959 to make an appointment with a Scanco Solutions Expert today.


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