Considering Warehouse Management Software? What You Need to Know

February 19th 2019 16:00:00 PM

Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) bring warehouse functions together and give you greater control over inventory, which makes the entire warehouse operation run more efficiently. In deciding whether this is something that makes sense for your company, you’ll need to mull over whether the software will help increase efficiency, as well as its effect on the cost to run the warehouse and the total cost of logistics.

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WMS and Warehouse Efficiency 

The right WMS will help you optimize the processes within the warehouse. It should be versatile enough to suit the types of materials with which you work and be used with more than one input method. Ideally, it should be able to scan barcodes and work with a handheld device as well as a computer terminal. 

If you are currently in a situation where your pickers are having a hard time keeping up with orders because items frequently purchased together aren’t stored near each other in the warehouse, it’s only a matter of time before you will start to see efficiency levels take a downward slide. Workers who are under more stress due to increased demands are more likely to make mistakes when picking items for orders, leading to higher return rates. When return rates go up, customer satisfaction rates rapidly decline. 

Warehouse Operating Costs and WMS 

As you consider whether warehouse management software is the right move for your business, you also need to look at whether it makes sense from the point of view of keeping warehouse operating costs in line. 

The warehouse management system is an important tool for planning. It allows you to use data about the incoming and outgoing product flow through the warehouse to predict patterns for future product movement. These patterns can then be used as a guide for hiring extra workers to cover peak times and to ensure you still have enough workers during slower periods. 

The WMS will help you identify which processes are working well and which ones have room for improvement. Ideally, you want to see processes involve as few steps as possible to get the task completed. The more “hands” required to complete a given task, the more opportunities exist for it to get bogged down and inefficiencies to creep in. When you find areas for improvement, the WMS will let you test new processes, allowing you to find the best solution for your business. 

WMS and Total Cost of Logistics 

A warehouse management system can give you real-time data about your inventory. How many units of a particular item do you have in stock? Do you have the item at one warehouse or more than one location? You’ll be able to determine when you need to order more of a particular item and coordinate your orders to save on delivery costs. 

Inventory barcoding software makes it easy to track your inventory from door to door. The process of getting items to the customer can be accomplished more quickly and efficiently, without getting bogged down in a lot of paperwork. 

Flexible Warehouse Management Software Solutions from Scanco 

No two businesses are exactly alike. We know that trying to offer one solution for every business owner simply won’t work. Each business carries different products, has varying levels of inventory and order fulfillment and uses different shipment methods. Staffing levels and busy seasons also vary throughout the year. The only way to offer an effective WMS solution is to listen to our customers’ needs and offer flexible solutions that meet them. 

When you’ve considered a warehouse management system and whether it will bring a Return on Investment that makes it worthwhile, we believe we’ve made a good case for the WMS being a good option. Would you like to discuss how a WMS can benefit your business? Contact Scanco online or give us a call at (330) 645-9959 to make an appointment for your consultation.


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