Effective Warehouse Management System for Acumatica Users

March 14th 2019 15:00:00 PM

Effective Warehouse Management System for Acumatica Users Acumatica users, take heart: there’s an effective warehouse management system for you. Acumatica remains one of the most popular ERP systems for many reasons. It’s user-friendly, easy to implement, and great for monitoring and measuring all parts of your business. Now, combine that with a warehouse management system that integrates seamlessly with Acumatia and you’ve got a recipe for success for your e-commerce business.

The Purpose of a Warehouse Management System 

A warehouse management system helps automate many processes within the warehouse. This includes picking, inventory control, and inventory audits. The overall goal is to track all inventory within the warehouse from receiving to final shipment to ensure no inventory is wasted or lost. 

Older warehouse management systems may have been stand-alone systems or linked to the company’s overall operations and accounting software via nightly batch uploads. This cumbersome process, often manually initiated in older software models, meant that real-time data was actually “12 hour or more delayed data.” Inventory status on screen, shipping information, and order fulfillment data was often out of sync with real-time happenings in the warehouse. 

New Warehouse Management Systems Means Better Inventory Control

Modern inventory management systems use the internet to seamless stream data from the warehouse to the company’s central systems to provide up to the minute information. This is how companies are able to update order fulfillment and stock status on their websites in real time. They also have tighter control over their inventory because they know exactly where each item is located and when it needs to be reordered. 

Sure, you can continue managing your warehouse with older software, paper-based scratch counts, or manual counts twice a year. But what if you used new, modern inventory management systems, scanned barcodes, and integrated systems? Think of the time, money, and effort you could save, not to mention the enhanced information and control over your inventory. It pays to explore the world of barcode software, warehouse management systems, and integrated ERP. A system that integrates with your Acumatica ERP may be exactly what your business needs to enhance its profitability this year. 

Acumatica warehouse solutions work seamlessly with Acumatica ERP and enhance inventory control Contact us online or call (330) 645-9959 to arrange your consultation with a Scanco Solutions Expert today.


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