Garner More Interest at Trade Shows with Scanco Sales

May 23rd 2014 20:26:53 PM

As trade show season unfolds, you’re probably scrambling to finalize show details and booth arrangements. Many companies are still deciding which products to showcase and who on the team to send to best highlight the latest and greatest products. While we can all agree that trade shows are prime opportunities to showcase all your company has to offer, they can also be tricky to navigate and difficult to build genuine interest from prospective clients. With the right tools and strategies, however, trade shows can become some of your most successful sales opportunities for the year.

By now, we all know the value of incorporating mobile technology into the workforce. Sales personnel now have instant access to email on their phones and can access their customer contact lists remotely. Executives can login to their company’s ERP system from any location (at any time) to keep an eye on company activity and create important financial and operational reports. With the emergence of the Cloud and mobile technology, businesses can do almost anything they can do at the office on their smartphones or tablets. This opens up a whole new world of possibilities for companies as they showcase their products and services at trade shows around the world.

In order to engage and draw in trade show attendees, many exhibitors are using smartphones and tablets to display their products and present “live” demonstrations on the spot. From videos playing on iPads to full-blown product experience stations, companies are learning that an interactive presentation is a memorable presentation. So, before you hit the road for your next trade show, make sure you incorporate some kind of mobile dimension into your presentation. It will not only generate more buzz for your product, but it will also up your “cool” factor among exhibitors and attendees alike.

In addition to giving your presentations a boost, mobile technology can also help your sales teams capture the information they need from prospective customers and close more deals on the spot. Rather than having to write down customer information and promising to “give them a call when you return to the office”, you can use your mobile devices to capture – and complete – orders instantaneously. This gives you the opportunity to close more deals, garner more interest in your product, and expand your customer contacts all at the same time.
In order to do this effectively, however, you need to have the right tools.

Our Sage 100 mobile sales (formerly Sage MAS 90 mobile sales / MAS 200 mobile sales) application, Scanco Sales, is designed specifically with trade shows (and sales) in mind. Supported on any iOS or Android device, this Cloud-based mobile sales application automates the ordering process so you can focus on building meaningful relationships with your customers. Take a look at how you can use Scanco Sales to improve your success at trade shows this season:

  • Scanco Sales allows users to display product information and collateral on any mobile device, giving your customers everything they need to make an informed decision and purchase.
  • Sales personnel can view accurate levels of stock status, pricing, and lead time so they can give customers a clear answer as to when they can expect their orders to arrive.
  • Customer information can be easily captured on your smartphone or tablet and seamlessly transferred to your company’s ERP system. This eliminate tedious paperwork and allows you to process your orders much faster (not to mention quicker turn-around times).
  • Orders can be completed right on the spot. This Sage 100 mobile sales application makes it easy to complete – and capture payment for orders – wherever you are. Signatures can be captured on site, and email receipts are sent directly to their inbox once their order is complete.

If you’re looking for sales automation as you prepare for the trade show season, give us a call today. We’d love to walk you through our mobile sales product and answer any questions you may have concerning the mobile sales process. To learn more about Scanco Sales, contact us today.


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