Hiring Millennials? Bar Scanner Software Helps Keep Them Engaged

October 4th 2018 15:00:00 PM

Bar scanner software helps improve productivity throughout your warehouse. Did you also know that it can help keep employees, especially Millennial employees, engaged, interested and motivated?

Employee engagement is a hot topic these days. As the economy improves, unemployment rates decline. When unemployment rates decline, the job market becomes a “job hunters” market with potential employees having the pick of the available jobs.

If employers don’t provide an interesting work environment, or at least one which challenges their skills, Millennials are apt to job-surf, changing jobs quickly. It’s easy for them to find new work in this economy.

Employee engagement changes this dynamic.

How Does Barcode Scanner Software Improve Employee Engagement?

Today’s bar scanner software (also known as barcode scanning software) is a far cry from the bulk and cumbersome scanners of yesterday.

Bar scanner software used to only come packaged with barcode scanners, which were those hefty, multi-buttoned, ruggedized devices that employees had to lug around with them to keep track of inventory. No one liked those clunky tools, but they were necessary for scanning. Modern bar scanner software on an iPhone or Android device transforms the average smartphone into a scanner. This makes it very easy for Millennials and indeed for workers from all generations to adapt readily to the technology.

When employees use technology that feels comfortable and familiar to them, they’re more likely to enjoy their job. They get a sense of pride and accomplishment from doing the job right. The instant feedback provided by cloud-based barcode scanner software also helps improve engagement. If you know you’re doing something right, you’re more likely to feel happy about it and keep on going.

Accuracy improves with the use of barcode scanner software; you don’t need to type data into a warehouse system or spreadsheet to keep track of inventory. It’s simple, easy, and yes, truly engaging for your employees.

Interested in seeing what barcode scanner software has to offer your company?

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