How Can Sage 100 Warehouse Automation Tools Improve Warehouse Management?

July 1st 2015 14:57:42 PM

The ROI of Sage 100 Warehouse Automation Solutions

A few months ago we debuted our first full-service warehouse management solution, Scanco Enterprise. Designed to meet the most complex warehouse needs, Scanco Enterprise embodies the definition of true warehouse management. Since the release of Scanco Enterprise, we have been discussing the difference between warehouse automation and warehouse management, particularly as it pertains to our solutions.

We understand that not every warehouse needs a full warehouse management solution. Only the most advanced and complex warehouses need complete warehouse management technology. However, every warehouse can benefit from warehouse automation tools, no matter how large or small your warehouse. If your company is experiencing any of the following scenarios, you would benefit from warehouse automation:

  • Have you recently acquired multiple distribution centers?
  • Are you operating out of an existing warehouse and need to maximize your storage options?
  • Are you developing a new warehouse building and want to optimize efficiency and storage from the start?
  • Are you looking to increase throughput while simultaneously reducing labor and overhead costs?
  • Are you experiencing productivity challenges with your current processes?
  • Are you consolidating multiple distribution centers or warehouse facilities into one central location?

The return on investment (ROI) of warehouse management solutions like our Sage 100 warehouse automation mobile apps is significant. Not only will you increase efficiency and productivity substantially, but you will also save money in labor costs, reduce inventory loss, eliminate data inaccuracies and manual errors, and achieve organization in your warehouse.

Stay tuned for stories of how some of our customers have utilized Sage 100 warehouse automation tools to transform their warehouse and boost their competitive advantage.


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