How Sage 100 Mobile Sales Can Increase Your Profitability

September 3rd 2014 15:00:39 PM

Sage-100-Mobile-SalesIf you haven’t given mobile technology a chance, you are missing out on some transformative benefits. Mobile technology provides companies with instant access to the information contained within their ERP and CRM systems, as well as streamlines the tedious manual processes that drain productivity and waste valuable time. In the sales department, mobile provides another boost, giving sales representatives the tools they need to close deals faster and more effortlessly than ever. By arming your sales team with mobile apps designed to optimize the sales experience, you are investing in your company’s future success.
If you’re ready to bring your sales team into the 21st century, mobile is the way to go. Our Sage 100 mobile sales (formerly MAS 90 mobile sales / MAS 200 mobile sales) application, Scanco Sales, can make the transition smooth. Here are a few benefits our customers have experienced from implementing Sage 100 remote sales applications:

  1. Increased sales.
  2. Reduced customer service calls.
  3. Faster payment collection.
  4. Reduced write-offs.
  5. More success cross-selling and up-selling products.

If you’d like to experience how mobile technology can be a game changer, contact us today. We’d love to set up a demo of our Sage 100 mobile sales app so you can see for yourself the difference mobile technology makes in the life of your sales team.


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