How Savvy Distributors Supercharge Their Supply Chain Software

August 21st 2018 15:00:00 PM


Excuses are a drag. You don’t want to hear them from your employees, you don’t want to hear them from your suppliers, and you don’t want to hear them from your clients. But, are you accepting excuses from yourself?

If you’ve been making excuses about why you haven’t adopted digital tools that enhance your current supply chain software, it’s time to change your tune. That’s because, these days, digital tools are easier to use and more affordable than ever. Savvy distributors know this—and they’re using that knowledge to pull ahead of their competitors.

Stay ahead when you learn about your options for flexible, modern digital tools optimized to work with modern supply chain software. All the info you need is in this article.

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Why Choose Modern Supply Chain Software?

The number one reason modern businesses are choosing modern supply chain software solutions is because these solutions offer greater efficiencies than ever before possible. Since Amazon’s industry-disrupting introduction of two-day delivery, distributors have struggled to keep pace with the eCommerce behemoth. Modern supply chain software solutions help ease this struggle.

Not only do modern software solutions deliver better longevity and improved quality over their aging counterparts, they also provide more insight into traceability along the entire supply chain. The way they do this is by integrating with digital tools, such as mobile barcode scanners.

Low-cost, high-efficiency digital tools like these help you ensure a more agile and responsive business and they also help you effortlessly identify where and how your company can improve.

And, improvement is the key to success.

You already know that modern consumers demand 100% accuracy, lightning-fast delivery, and enhanced traceability. However, you may not know that with a modern supply chain solution such as Sage 100, you can foster improvement across the enterprise by speeding up employee timelines using automation and data-entry simplification.

Digital tools such as barcode scanners can help you achieve these goals with an impressive ROI but, to maximize your investment, you’ll want to ensure that the digital tools you choose will seamlessly integrate with modern supply chain software solutions.

How to Choose the Right Digital Tools for Your Supply Chain Software

If you’re ready to enhance your operations with digital tools, you’ll want to make sure that you choose the right tools for your operation. Though artificial intelligence (AI) and IoT devices are getting a lot of attention in the media right now, you don’t have to choose one of these costly (and largely untested) digital solutions in order to improve your warehouse operations.

Instead, you may be better served by reliable, effective, simple-to-use barcode scanning tools that feature:

  • Order integration – connect your barcode scanners to your ERP, so you can skip the slowdown of duplicate data entry
  • Inventory management – speed inventory counting and warehouse location tracking with flexible tools
  • Real-time insight for better collaboration – cloud-based barcode-scanners provide your front- and back-office teams with the facts about current stock levels
  • Warehouse management tools – ease receiving, putaway, replenishment, and bin transfers with full data accuracy
  • Up-to-date analytics – keep on top of your timelines and productivity with built-in, at-a-glance dashboards

Stop Making Excuses – Be Proactive About Your Digital Toolset

Many distributors wait to update their tools, software solutions, and equipment until it’s either broken and cannot be repaired or until they close a large contract that generates investment cash. Though this reactive mindset made sense in the past, today’s fast pace of business and high levels of competition require a more proactive mindset to stay ahead of the pack.

In your industry, you know that speed is of the essence and you know you don’t have a second to lose when fulfilling an order. Your client wouldn’t stand for it if you wasted time fulfilling their order, so why are you wasting so much time on your order of digital tools?

It’s time to stop making excuses and start making a plan to get supply-chain-software-integrated digital tools into your warehouse.

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