How to Choose a New WMS System for Manufacturing

May 4th 2021 11:00:00 AM

Are you currently running a small or medium-sized manufacturing business? Have you decided it’s time to upgrade from manual record-keeping in your warehouse to an automated system? Do you still have some concerns about how well the new system will integrate with the way you currently do business? It’s normal to have some questions about any changes you are making to the way you run your business. The best way to address them is to consider some important factors when choosing a new WMS system.

Are you at the point where you are ready to move forward with selecting a WMS system for your manufacturing business, without delay? Just contact us online or call (330) 645-9959 to make an appointment with a Scanco Solutions Expert to take the next step now.

Why a Manufacturer Needs a Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Before we go any further, let’s talk about why you would need a WMS. The following are some key reasons why you would want to make this investment.

  • Improved Inventory Management

Manufacturing firms often need to track what is going on from the office and the warehouse. The WMS connects the warehouse to the company’s ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system. Your ERP system automates functions like your accounting, sales quotes, and production. The WMS allows your team to monitor inventory in real time without having to wait for employees to enter data into your system manually.

  • Reduced Human Error Rate

A WMS system reduces the human error rate by eliminating the need for an employee to enter data into your system. Instead, warehouse employees can use a barcode scanner or other handheld device to scan barcodes into the system. Once the employee has completed a scan, it is uploaded into the system immediately.

  • Higher Customer Satisfaction

When the human error rate drops, customer satisfaction increases. Inventory becomes much easier to manage since you are much less likely to have stock-outs. Scheduling completion and delivery dates become more precise. Product shipments to customers are more accurate.

What to Look For in a WMS System for Manufacturing

What are the features you should be looking for in your new WMS for your manufacturing business? Here are the main ones we think you should consider.

  1. Cloud-Based System

The advantage of choosing a cloud-based WMS is that it can be deployed quickly. You don’t have to pay for your own server or space in a data center to house and maintain it. Any software updates are also provided automatically with your subscription, which means you will always have the latest version at your disposal.

  1. Easy to Learn and Use

A WMS system could be chock full of all the best features available on the market today. However, if it isn’t easy for your team members to learn and interact with, then it is going to be a real challenge from the get-go.

Instead, you want a WMS that is going to help your business become more efficient, not get bogged down because your employees have difficulty using the software. If they end up having to look at a manual every time they need to do something, then you aren’t saving time or money.

  1. Scalability

Your manufacturing business is like a living thing. It doesn’t stay still and your WMS shouldn’t either. The one you choose for your business should be one that can grow as your business grows. It doesn’t make sense to have to replace the entire software system once your business reaches a certain level.

  1. Integration With Your ERP

To make better business decisions, your team needs access to the best information available. When your WMS system is integrated with your ERP, it simplifies data management to make your business more competitive.

  1. Integration with Suppliers

Your WMS system should be connected to your suppliers’ management systems. This will give the WMS the capability of data input and reporting for raw materials and inventory contained in your warehouse, along with your suppliers’ databases.

  1. Reporting Capability

The software you choose should be able to generate detailed reports so your team can evaluate whether a particular process is working efficiently. The WMS you choose should be able to generate reports per your requirements, including forecasting and analyzing trends.

  1. Security

Your management team should be able to control who has access to the data in your WMS. No one must be able to change data without written authorization from a supervisor or the warehouse manager. For data that needs to be kept confidential, you will want to be able to control who has access to it within the company.

Scanco is Your Source for Manufacturing Automation Solutions

Scanco knows every manufacturing business is unique. We’ll work with you to find a solution that will fit your business now with room to grow in the future.

Sage Shop Floor for Production Management is a user-friendly option you and your team can access with Android, iOS, or Windows. It makes collecting data on labor, material issues, material completion transactions, and updating current job statuses an easy process. Spotting errors and exceptions becomes straightforward and much less time-consuming.

Manufacturing 100 is the foremost mobile manufacturing application for Sage 100. This barcode tracking system eliminates manual data entry and increases your employees’ efficiency on the job. It is fully integrated with Sage 100 and can be further customized to suit your needs. It includes a dashboard to track material issues, labor, and completed orders, all in real-time.

Are you still wondering which solution would be best for your business? Scanco has you covered. We have developed an online tool to help you determine which solutions are best for you. It takes just a few minutes to find out. Just click this link to get started.

Do you still have questions about choosing a WMS system for your business or about Scanco’s products? Would you prefer to talk to a real person? You can contact us online or call (330) 645-9959 to make an appointment with a Scanco Solutions Expert.


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