How to Choose the Best Software for Label Printing for Your Business

October 6th 2020 15:00:00 PM

You probably have not set aside a lot of time pondering about software for label printing lately, and we don’t blame you. This is not a subject that business owners and managers usually focus on, but it is an important one: Far too many people assume they can buy a printer and some label software and they are ready to go. The reality of labeling solutions is a bit more complicated than that, however.

Many people buy a standard office printer and connect it to a computer and think they have done all that is required. They picture themselves printing sheets of labels on a standard computer and that this will be sufficient. As the business grows, they find their computer and the labeling software is not meeting their needs. Consider the following questions before deciding on a software program for printing labels for your company.

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Software for Printing Barcode Labels

If you are looking for labeling software that can print barcode labels, you want to consider first that not all computer programs are created equal. What we mean is that just because the software has the capability to print a label, it doesn’t mean that it will be able to print barcode labels.

You probably already have some software in place that can print off labels for envelopes for invoices when you are sending out invoices or promotional materials to customers on your mailing list. Software for printing barcodes is a different product entirely.

The software for label printing in this case is more sophisticated. It must support several advanced barcodes and the data integration required for on-demand commercial labeling.

Choosing the Best Software for Label Printing for your Business

  1. What type of printer will you be using?

The first thing you want to do is make sure the printer you want to use is compatible with the labeling software you are considering. Make sure it has an operating system and print drivers that will work with the program.

  1. Will your employees be printing labels from one printing station? Will there be more than one station?

If you set up one printing station, it may seem as though your managers can keep closer track of the printing station and how it is being used. On the other hand, having only one place to access labels is a good way to end up with bottlenecks on your warehouse floor. Employees who should be performing other duties will end up stuck in lineups waiting for their labels. If they are told not to wait but to leave the orders for other employees to print labels and process, there is an increased risk of the wrong label being printed for a package and it being forwarded to the wrong customer.

Managers can tell employees to check the packing list before placing the label on a package. This is not a guarantee that mistakes will not be made, especially since you will shortly be entering the busiest time of the year.

If multiple stations are set up throughout the warehouse, the risk of a bottleneck is reduced. You need to think about what would happen if your (one) printer you are using for labels needs repairs. Today’s business moves at such a rapid pace that it’s simply not possible to shut down operations until the printer is operational. Having more than one printing station makes sense from a “just in case” point of view, even if most of your volume goes through one printer.

  1. Do you need mobile capabilities as well?

In a situation where your business includes having sales or service representatives visiting customers off-site, it can make sense to choose a labeling software program that your team members can access remotely.

  1. What types of hardware options are available?

The best software for label printing for your company will work with many hardware options. For example, if you are looking for barcode scanning hardware that will be used on the warehouse floor, your “wish list” will likely include something that is both lightweight and durable for reading barcodes on inventory and outgoing orders.

For employees who are working off-site, a different hardware solution is the best option. For example, LineaPro 6 is a software option that turns your employee’s iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s into a mobile POS (Point of Sale) system. This option includes Bluetooth, a barcode scanner, and a magnetic card reader. It allows your sales and field service team members to collect payments from customers by credit card on the spot and improve your cash flow.

  1. Does your team need to access information stored in your inventory software?

Think about the bigger picture and how your employees will be using the barcode scanners in your warehouse. If part of their job is to scan barcodes to track items for inventory purposes, then the information is being updated in your inventory software in real-time. You and your managers always have accurate data to work with when placing orders for new inventory or deciding that you need to place certain goods on sale to move them out quickly.

Your sales and field service team will need to access your inventory software when calling on customers. Sales representatives will feel more confident about taking a deposit (or payment in full) for an order if they know the inventory is in stock at the warehouse. They will also feel more confident when discussing delivery dates with customers.

Field service workers usually have parts with them when they go out to see customers, but it is impossible to carry all the parts that may be necessary to complete a job. Having access to the company’s inventory software allows them to check the stock of parts they do not have on hand and makes arranging for a follow-up appointment easier. The field service employee can check availability and schedule the appointment accordingly.

Scanco Offers Software for Label Printing and Much More

Scanco is a solutions-based company with over a quarter-century of experience in barcoding automation. We take the time to listen to our customers to find out about their challenges and what they are looking to achieve. Then, we recommend the best solution for their needs. Scanco works with businesses of all sizes and we know the cookie-cutter approach does not work. Each business is different.

Our DashPrint option allows you and your team to view and print labels easily and conveniently from a single dashboard. It connects directly to your existing Sage ERP database, which makes printing barcode labels much faster and easier than any time in the past.

Would you like to learn more about software labels for printing and the other solutions that Scanco can offer you and your business? We’d appreciate the opportunity to discuss your needs with you. Kindly contact us online or call 330-645-9959 to set up an appointment with a Scanco Solutions Expert today.


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