How to Protect Your Warehouse Management Software Investments

July 17th 2014 13:53:48 PM

Running a warehouse operation without some sort of warehouse management software or solution in place is not a good idea. As you know, managing a warehouse involves a lot of work and requires a lot attention to detail. Managing it all on paper or with disparate systems will not be effective and only create more problems than it solves. For true efficiency, manufacturers and distributors need an innovative and updated warehouse management system capable of keeping track of the day-to-day details involved in running a warehouse and producing the reports your executives need on a daily basis.

Warehouse management solutions are not cheap; therefore, it’s crucial that you take the necessary steps in protecting your investment before something goes wrong. We’ve created a list of essential tips to keep in mind as you select your warehouse management solution and proceed to implement your new technology:

  1. Make sure your warehouse management software purchase makes sense for your current software and processes.
    Too often, manufacturers and distributors purchase warehouse management software without looking too much into the functional alignment of the software they are purchasing. This can lead to significant problems down the road, particularly if the software is not capable of accommodating your company’s desired level of functionality. Make sure that you have completed an in-depth requirements list prior to selecting your warehouse management solution. As you review software solutions, refer to your requirements and make sure the software you select meets your main needs and integrates with your existing software.
  2. Perform multiple tests before you go-live.
    Like any new software implementation, warehouse management software is guaranteed to have a few errors and kinks to work out so be sure to dedicate some extra time to testing.
  3. Conduct a thorough and honest readiness assessment before you go-live.
    Before you go-live with the software, make sure that you have assessed items such as system readiness, interface readiness, level of training, visibility and reporting capabilities, inventory condition, and data conversion. If the warehouse management system is not ready to go-live for any reason, be prepared to delay the go-live date until it is ready.
  4. Provide extensive training to your employees.
    While you may think that the new system is easy enough to use, you still need to provide your employees with the proper training in order to help them use the software successfully. If you don’t wish to invest a lot of time and money into training costs, consider using an e-learning environment. We currently offer online software training for two of our Sage 100 mobile apps. This online training environment allows users to learn how to use the software at their own pace without wasting any of the company’s time. For companies short on time (and who isn’t?), online training tools are a huge plus.
  5. Ensure that you have adequate software support.
    Your warehouse management software provider should provide you with personalized support throughout your entire implementation process. If not, you need to find another provider. From data transfer to go-live, you’re going to want your software provider available to answer questions and solve problems as they arise.

Here at Scanco, we believe technology should be easy. That’s why we’ve created a variety of intuitive warehouse management applications to help you get your warehouse management system up and running quickly so you can start realizing the benefits of the software. In addition to full support for all of our Sage 100 ERP mobile solutions, we also offer our clients personalized assessments to ensure you are getting everything you need out of your warehouse management software. For a software evaluation or quote, contact us today.


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