How to Use Warehouse Tracking Software to Boost Efficiency Without More Staff

June 25th 2019 15:00:00 PM

The e-commerce industry is on fire. It’s growing at a tremendous rate, with retailers and distributors opening warehouses at an unprecedented pace to keep up with the demand for orders. Consumers expect to receive the items they order online as soon as possible, which means each order must be picked, packed, and shipped without delay.

Demand for product is booming, for sure. The only problem is that with unemployment rates plunging, it’s becoming challenging to attract candidates to warehouse positions. As an employer in the warehouse and distribution sector, you do your best to retain experienced workers and offer competitive wages and benefits to new hires. Along with taking these steps, you can also use technology to your advantage by investing in warehouse tracking software.

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Consider the Layout of Your Interior Space

The warehouse floor should be set up in a manner that flows logically from one part of the facility to another. Look carefully at where items are being received and inspected, as well as where they are picked and packed to make sure there are no obvious barriers to the operation running smoothly.

These areas should be well lit, with bins clearly marked. The aisles should be wide enough so that your staff and their equipment can move through them freely.

Organize Products Strategically

Are there certain products that are generally sold together? Place them near each other on the warehouse floor. You’ll help your pickers save steps and make it faster and easier for them to fill orders.

Seasonal goods that are moving quickly should be treated in the same manner. As you discover some items that are selling particularly well, make a point of placing them in a convenient location so your employees can retrieve them with ease. You’ll also want to keep a close eye on inventory levels for these popular items, so you have sufficient stock on hand to keep orders filled promptly.

Automate With Warehouse Tracking Software

Invest in technology to automate functions where possible. Warehouse tracking software tools are available to help with many tasks. These tools can help your team stay on track during busy times, reduce the likelihood of human errors, and even help you stay on top of invoicing.

Scanco Sage Enterprise Offers Advanced Scanning and Shipping Features

If you are looking to get a lot of bang for your technology buck, look no further than Scanco Sage Enterprise option. It has all the bases covered in one WMS (warehouse management system) package.

This impressive option gives you several advanced shipping features to keep your warehouse humming along at peak efficiency. Its directed order picking guides your team members to the correct bins for all items on sales orders. Once the sales order and items picked are entered into the system, the information is sent directly to Invoice Data Entry.

The Dashboard feature allows you to keep close track of your operation. You will have the capability to see your inventory levels in real time. It is easy and convenient for your team to access data at any point, such as sales orders, receipts, purchase orders, physical count, transfers and more.

Managers can contact warehouse staff directly through the built-in messaging feature. Use it to get word to your team quickly when you want to make them aware of a high-priority situation such as a rush order that must be filled right away.

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