How Will My Company Benefit from Sage 100 Barcoding Software?

May 23rd 2013 18:52:45 PM

Sage 100 barcoding software can help you automate your warehouse processes and improve visibility into your supply chain. When coupled with the bar code module within Sage 100 ERP, Scanco’s Sage 100 barcoding solution can help you collect data more quickly and efficiently.

Instead of investing huge amounts of time in manual data entry, the data captured by your Sage 100 barcoding solution can be easily imported from the bar code scanner to your company’s Sage 100 ERP system. Sage’s Barcode Module includes advanced features that can eliminate data entry errors, such as shipping the wrong product to the wrong customer.

Take a look at the features included in the Sage 100 Barcode Module:

  • Barcode Label Printing – Barcode labels can be printed using the Sage 100 label printing software. Labels can be set up to print on up to 10 separate barcode label printers.
  • Data Import – With the simple click of a button, your data can be imported directly into your Sage 100 ERP system from your barcode scanner. Once your data is imported into your system, purchase order receipts, inventory, sales order invoices, bill of materials, and other transactions can be processed as usual.
  • Import Inventory and Purchase Order Transactions – Inventory information and purchase orders are imported directly into the system. Once imported, users can edit and update these transactions as needed.
  • Inventory and Purchase Order Inquiry – Users can inquire about the status of any order at any given time.
  • Receipt/Invoice History – Users can view summaries and detailed views of past receipts and invoices in the system.
  • Customer/Vendor Inquiry – Users have access to any vital information about a customer or vendor.
  • Purchase Order Printing – A barcoded purchase order can be printed at the time an item is received into the warehouse. Barcoded purchase order numbers, quantities and item numbers are printed to be scanned as goods are received. This makes it possible to receive items that have not been barcoded in the past.
  • Sales Order Printing – A barcoded sales order can be printed for use during the shipping process. These barcodes are printed and scanned as an order is being prepared to ship. When used with barcode labels, users can verify that the item shipped matches the item number on the sales invoice.
  • Picking Sheet Printing – This barcoded picking sheet can be used during the shipping process. Barcoded sales order numbers, quantities, and item numbers are printed and scanned as the goods are shipped.

Companies can also produce the following reports when using the Sage 100 barcoding module along with our Sage 100 barcoding solution:

  • Barcode Lot/Serial Labels
  • Barcode Purchase Order Receipt Labels
  • Barcode Sales Order Printing
  • Barcode Bill of Materials Picking Sheet
  • Barcode Production Labels

Sage 100 barcoding software can simplify the warehouse management process and streamline your data collection by importing it directly into your Sage 100 ERP system. If your company is considering implementing barcode technology, consider the following benefits of our Sage 100 barcoding software solutions:

  • Streamline warehouse processes
  • Faster and more accurate data collection
  • Process high amounts of data at high speeds
  • Support efficient workflows by scanning Sales Orders and Sales Orders Invoices
  • Support of handheld devices

Our Sage 100 barcoding solutions can help companies that are just getting started with barcoding or who already have a robust barcoding system in place. Learn more about our Sage 100 barcoding software options here. For more information about how Sage 100 barcoding software can increase your warehouse efficiency and accuracy, contact us today. We will guide you through the selection and implementation process, ensuring that you get the most out of your barcode efforts.


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