How You Can Help Older Workers Adapt to Web-based Inventory Software

January 3rd 2019 16:00:00 PM

It’s a New Year, and a fresh start on the calendar for your business. If introducing web-based inventory software is on your list of “To Do’s” for this year, you’re taking an important step forward that will ultimately increase efficiency and customer service in your warehouse.

Even when you can see the benefits of a well-run warehouse management system, you may have concerns about how your older workers will respond to its implementation. There are some strategies you can put in place to help them feel more comfortable about the transition and embrace the new technology as a positive development in the workplace. 

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Start by Making Older Workers Feel Appreciated 

The older workers in your warehouse who have been on the payroll for a few years may feel as though they are past their “best before” date as far as the company is concerned. When new technology is introduced in the workplace, they may think this is an indication that the world is changing faster than they can keep up with or that it’s an indication their jobs will be replaced by machines. 

In truth, older workers bring several benefits to the workplace. They often have soft skills like maturity, conscientiousness, and good rapport with customers. Let them know these skills are important to reaching your company’s goals and you value their contribution. 

Introduce Web-based Inventory Software as a Tool for the Workplace 

When you introduce a web-based inventory software program to your workers, you’ll want to present it as a tool that everyone will be using. Talk about the benefits using the software will bring to the warehouse team. Point out that it’s being put in place as a way to improve overall customer service by decreasing errors and increasing efficiency, which will ultimately benefit everyone in the company. 

Reassure Older Workers They Will Have Support to Learn New Software 

Some of your workers may find it more challenging than others to adapt to changes in the way they do their work. They may have concerns that they won’t be able to continue to work with the new technology or that it will make their work more difficult. 

If these types of concerns arise, reassure your workers they will receive the support they need to learn the software. Let them know you don’t expect them to master the technology overnight and there will (understandably) be a learning curve involved. 

While you need your team to learn the software and feel comfortable using it within a reasonable amount of time, this is not a situation where you want people getting too far ahead of themselves, either. Those soft skills your older workers have, like maturity and using good judgment, will come in handy when learning the web-based inventory software and once they are using it as part of their workday. 

Allow Older and Younger Workers to Mentor Each Other 

The younger members of your team may have an easier time picking up on some aspects of the new software you’re introducing to your business since they have had more experience with various software over the years. The more senior members of the team have the advantage of more years on the job and the confidence that comes with having successfully dealt with many types of issues. Where possible, have your team members of different ages and levels of experience help each other with the new software being introduced, as well as any other questions they may have about their work. 

Scanco Offers Individualized, Scalable Solutions for your Business 

No matter what size warehouse distribution business you are operating, Scanco can work with you to develop a custom web-based inventory software solution that will work for your business. Contact us online or call (330) 645-9959.


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