Improve Warehouse Inefficiencies with MAS 90/200 and MAS 500 Barcoding Solutions

September 18th 2013 09:00:47 AM

Are you trying to automate your warehouse and streamline your warehouse processes? Is your inventory management process taking up valuable time? Are you wasting time performing unnecessary tasks? Eliminating waste is key for any successful warehouse – and that includes time wasted in the production and distribution process. If your company could stand to automate crucial tasks in the warehouse, barcoding technology could be the perfect solution for you.
In order to achieve true warehouse automation, you need to have a system capable of replacing – and improving upon – manual processes. Barcoding technology, such as MAS 90 barcoding software, MAS 200 barcoding software and MAS 500 barcoding software (now known as Sage 100 and Sage 500 barcoding software), can replace your manual processes and improve your warehouse inefficiencies by automating even the most complex tasks. In fact, a barcoding solution can alleviate the following five most common “pain areas” in the warehouse:

  • Overstaffing
  • Long Count Times
  • Errors
  • Inaccuracies
  • Delays

If your warehouse could use some improvement, or if you are currently experiencing the above “pains”, give Scanco a call today. We can help you implement a barcoding solution designed to automate your processes and improve your efficiency so you can focus on meeting your customers’ needs.

What areas in your warehouse could use improvement? What are your “pain points”? Let us know how a barcoding solution could alleviate some of your biggest warehouse challenges in the comments section below this post.


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