I’ve Heard Mobile WMS Ends Up Costing You More. Is This True?

August 12th 2015 20:15:57 PM

Do Sage 100 Warehouse Management Applications Cost More in the Long Run?

Sage-100-Warehouse-Management-AppsAs one of the leading Sage 100 warehouse management technology leaders, we receive a lot of questions related to warehouse management and the types of solutions we provide. While some companies are more than on board to try our mobile warehouse management applications, others are a little more hesitant based on things they’ve read or the current state of their warehouse. In addition to helping you look at your warehouse and determine whether or not a mobile warehouse management application would be a good fit, we can provide you with a realistic expectation of the costs you will incur with a mobile solution.

One of the biggest concerns for most warehouse managers involves the cost of any solution they are considering purchasing. The costs associated with warehouse management are already expensive enough and thinking about purchasing a new system can be overwhelming – even if the solution will save your company money in operational costs down the line. Our response to easier the “sticker shock” of innovative, warehouse management solutions was to design a warehouse management system that could be used on devices you already own. This means no purchasing expensive hardware just to run the software, no additional server requirements, and no need to hire additional IT staff just to support the system.

The purchasing of installation of our mobile Sage 100 warehouse management apps is easy and painless. But what about after the fact? Do mobile applications retain their cost-saving value two or three years later?

Let’s take a look.

What to Expect Once You’ve Purchased a Sage 100 Warehouse Management App

So you’ve done your research, decided that mobile warehouse management is the best solution for you, and have submitted your request to the executive leadership of your company, only to find out they want further proof of the solution’s cost-saving benefits. Aside from the cost of the initial purchase and the hardware savings, you don’t have a really good expectation of what the long-term costs will be. Will it still be saving you money 3-5 years from now, or will the costs equal those of a stationary WMS solution?

While we cannot speak for anyone else, our mobile warehouse management applications are designed to save you money and simplify warehouse management during the application’s entire life-span. Here are a few things to expect in terms of the cost of our Sage 100 warehouse management applications:

  1. We will handle the day-to-day management and support of the software. You’ve seen it happen before: you purchase a new solution based on the promises of its cost-savings only to find that the cost of maintenance and support for the system has quickly added up. All of a sudden, the cheaper solution becomes just as expensive (if not more so) than the other solutions you were considering.With our Sage 100 warehouse management applications, you don’t have to worry about unexpected costs. Our team handles the day-to-day maintenance of the application and support so your team doesn’t have to worry about it. If you run into a problem with the app, we’re always hear to answer your questions and troubleshoot the problem.
  2. Software upgrades are automatic. No one wants to have to worry about when or how to upgrade the software, so let us handle it for you. Our Sage 100 warehouse management mobile apps are updated automatically so you have the most current features at your disposal.
  3. The applications can easily be downloaded onto additional devices after the initial purchase – at just the price of the app. We understand that your business is constantly growing and changing. Adding new employees shouldn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg in technology investments. With our mobile Sage 100 warehouse management solution, you can download the app onto as many devices as you want without having to pay a huge fee. That’s the kind of scalability you need in warehouse management.

Questions about the cost of our Sage 100 warehouse management solutions? Give us a call today at (330) 645-9959. We’d be more than happy to give you all the details on our mobile applications so you can make the most informed decision for your business.


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