The Key to Greater Efficiency in Your Manufacturing and Warehouse Operations

April 3rd 2018 15:00:00 PM

Tired of searching for multiple solutions that you must cobble together so you can handle both your manufacturing and your warehouse operations in Sage 100? Sick of all those “temporary” workarounds you’ve been using for years? We hear you—and that’s why we decided to offer Scanco Manufacturing Efficiency and the Scanco Manufacturing Automation suite.

At last, a single, integrated system can handle all your manufacturing and warehouse needs effortlessly, helping your company work faster and more productively so you can increase your profits.

Discover how you can integrate your manufacturing and warehouse operations with a suite of automated tools that help you grow your company. Contact Scanco online or at (330) 645-9959 to get fast answers to your personalized questions.

What Is Scanco Manufacturing Efficiency?

An integrated part of the Scanco Manufacturing Automation Suite, Scanco Manufacturing Efficiency automates Work Order creation and subassembly generation to streamline your W/O data entry and processing.

When combined with wireless scanning tools on the shop floor, Scanco Manufacturing Efficiency can supercharge your operations by providing real-time insight into productivity and inventory levels—all while reducing or eliminating your data entry requirements.

Simply put: Scanco Manufacturing Efficiency speeds up your workflows, so you can close orders faster.  

In addition, Scanco Manufacturing Efficiency helps your manufacturing and warehouse operations get more done, with less downtime, by providing critical real-time insight into your processes and inventories at all times.

Keep those high-speed operations of yours running smoothly with handy efficiency features such as:

  • Dashboards
  • Inventory level insight
  • Alerts and warnings when you’re out of components

Achieving More in Your Manufacturing and Warehouse Operations

Though Scanco Manufacturing Efficiency is specifically targeted toward manufacturing companies, the wide range of tools integrated with our manufacturing solutions can help everyone in your company get more done in less time with higher levels of confidence.

Scanco can help:

  • On the Shop Floor

With the integrated automation tools that Scanco provides, your floor managers will no longer have to manually (and slowly!) create Work Orders one by one—and they’ll never again have to blindly hope that they have enough labor and parts on hand to complete a job.

Instead, they’ll be able to instantly enter data and generate Work Orders, their scheduling activities will be easier, and they’ll also know if they have the components they need on hand, or if they need to order more supplies immediately.

  • In the Warehouse

Manufacturing Efficiency integrates with Scanco Warehouse to help your warehouse employees allocate inventory and automatically distribute it to various bin locations. The detailed display gives at-a-glance information about FG and BoM components, including quantity on hand, quantity available, quantity required, and quantity short.

The highly flexible warehouse management software can also speed your picking and counting activities by giving your warehouse workers access to time-saving, hands-free tools such as voice-directed picking.

  • In the Office

With real-time insight into stock levels, Scanco helps ease procurement and Accounts Payable activities, and with up-to-the-second details on job status, Scanco tools empower your customer services teams with the information they need to answer customer questions instantly and provide outstanding customer service.

Why Get Warehouse and Manufacturing Automation Tools from Scanco?

For nearly 30 years, Scanco has helped clients achieve greater efficiency and flexibility in both their warehouse and manufacturing operations by providing easy-to-use, affordable solutions that reduce administrative time while increasing accuracy company-wide.

It can be hard to imagine quite how much time and effort you could save with Scanco tools, but most customers are shocked to find out how much faster their businesses run when they use barcoding solutions throughout their company. As one of our customers said, “I didn’t realize how much more time the manual system was taking us.”

Find out how much time you can save when you contact Scanco online or at (330) 645-9959 to speak with one of our manufacturing experts.


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