Manufacturing and Warehouse Operations – Improve Efficiency

April 12th 2018 15:00:00 PM

You can improve efficiency in your manufacturing warehouse using the Scanco Manufacturing Automation suite. It is a single, integrated system that can handle all your manufacturing and warehouse needs, effortlessly. 

Scanco Manufacturing Efficiency automates work order creation and sub-assembly generation to streamline your data entry and processing. You can combine it with wireless scanning tools on the shop floor to provide real-tie insight into inventory levels.

By using wireless scanning tools and productivity automation for your manufacturing warehouse, you’ll improve efficiency throughout the system. Time saved on manual data entry can be put to better use with order fulfillment or other tasks that improve customer service. There’s less downtime and real-time insight into all your manufacturing warehouse operations. 

Key features of the system include dashboards, inventory level insight, and alerts and warnings when you are low or out of stock on important components. Scanco Manufacturing Efficiency fully integrates with Scanco Warehouse to help your warehouse employees allocate inventory and automatically distribute it to various bin locations. Detailed displays help you ascertain current quantities to tell if you are short of just right and can meet orders.

When you can improve insight into warehouse operations, you can improve order fulfillment and customer service. This leads to better service, higher satisfaction rates, and more repeat business. It’s a winning combination for all. 

Find out how much time you can save when you contact Scanco online or at (330) 645-9959 to speak with one of our manufacturing experts.



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