72% of factory tasks are still performed by people

Unfortunately, most Sage 100 manufacturing automation solutions are focused on machines and ignore human influence on processes. 

Scanco puts the power of automation in the palm of your shop floor workers’ hands. 

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Control Your Shop Floor

Improve your bottom-line and plant performance, boost profitability, and achieve real-time visibility with Scanco Automation solutions for Sage 100 and Sage 100 manufacturing and production. Empower your workers with immediate access to critical information to reduce or eliminate the risk of non-compliance, while improving reliability, process efficiencies, and production throughput.

We help you optimize your production workflows

Eliminates bottlenecks in your existing workflows, boosting productivity, while mobile data collection cuts inefficiencies.

We connect your “top-floor” to the “shop-floor”

Scanco mobile apps instantly collect and track critical business information, sending it back to Sage 100 in real-time.

We help you streamline production

Provide just-in-time inventory when and where it’s needed, eliminating the risk of data error, damage, loss, or pilfering.   

Powered By Scanco.

Scanco Automation Technology is the power behind today’s Operations and Production Management solutions. 

Find The Sage 100 Manufacturing Solution right for You

Use our module configurator to find a Sage 100 / Sage 100 manufacturing solution that works for your operations.

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