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Manufacturing 100 from Scanco will automate manual shop floor tasks.

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Eliminate Manual Data Entry 

Manufacturing 100 is the perfect solution for manufacturers that are looking to increase efficiency. Eliminate manual tasks by incorporating mobile scanning and automaton. 

Its the perfect solution for managing your Finished Goods for Inventory Processes.

Every point in the process where you rely on employees to write down or enter information manually is an opportunity for error. Re-entering data from time cards or job tickets is costly and wasteful. MFG100 eliminates manual data entry tasks by delivering immediate access to accurate, up-to-date information. 

Built For Today’s Manufacturer

These days, direct-to-consumer, e-commerce sales have become a standard offering for growing manufacturers, and even companies that rely on B2B sales have had to transition to an online ordering system to keep up with their customers’ expectations. Online sales put small manufacturers on a scale of global competition, and customers now expect two-day delivery speeds as a standard. To keep up, you’ve probably had to shorten your production deadlines while simultaneously tightening your margins and complex LTL distribution requirements, along with freight rating, take up a large portion of your time.

If you want to keep up with the industry, you need to focus on volume.

Manufacturing 100 Can Help!

Scanning takes approximately 1/6th the time it takes to manually enter information. The time saved by adding barcode scanners and inventory barcode software to the shop floor enables you to ship orders faster, improve customer satisfaction, and complete more jobs in less time. Easy and intuitive to use so your payback begins immediately, not after a lengthy training and implementation period. 

MFG100 delivers just what you needwhen and where you need it.

MFG100 is compatible ONLY with Sage 100 Version 2018 Product Update 2.  It is not compatible with PU 1, 3 or 4.  MFG100 is only compatible with Sage 100 2018 or higher. For a full list of system requirements or questions regarding compatibility please contact Scanco.

Optimized for Sage 100 Manufacturing/JobOps

Manufacturing 100 is the only mobile application on the market that is developed by the team behind Sage Manufacturing/JobOps. What does that mean for you?  It means that you can be confident that when it comes time to installing, deploying and on-boarding your employees that its backed with the knowledgeable team that helped develop one of the most powerful manufacturing solutions on the market, JobOps. 

Start Automating Your Shop Floor With Manufacturing 100 From Scanco

MFG100 is now available for iOS and Android-enabled devices. Download the brochure to see what hardware is compatible with MFG100. Scanco Solution Specialists are ready to help you decide what handhelds will be the perfect fit for your production environment. 

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