Myth or Reality: Can Warehouse Management Software Really Benefit My Business?

December 3rd 2014 15:17:44 PM

There are a lot of myths out there regarding warehouse management software, what it can do for your company (or what it can’t do), and how much it will cost you. Unfortunately, there are some companies who believe these myths to be reality. In an effort to help spread awareness of what a quality warehouse management solution can do for you, we’ve decided to debunk the most common myths related to warehouse management solutions so you can make your decision based on facts rather than half-truths.

Myth: Warehouse management solutions will take you months to install and will cost you several thousands of dollars in software and consulting fees.

Reality: While larger warehouse management solutions could take up to a year to install, the average implementation is actually within 45 business days. And unless you require hefty customizations, your consulting fees will be minimal. Mobile WMS implementations take an even shorter amount of time and cost even less, depending on the customization you require.

Myth: If I buy a warehouse management solution now, it will be obsolete in the next five years.

Reality: This is also not true. Technology has taken us a long way from the warehouse management solutions of the past. The truth is, with Cloud computing and mobile technology, your solution won’t have the chance to become obsolete. If you invest in a solution today that adapts to the Cloud and mobile devices, your updates will occur automatically, ensuring that you are functioning on the latest technology has to offer.

Myth: Small businesses just can’t afford warehouse management solutions.

Reality: While it would be unwise to invest in a robust and costly solution, you can implement a warehouse management application to fit your needs. For instance, we offer a Sage 100 mobile application that can be used on your iPhone, Android, iPad, or Windows phone to manage your entire warehouse operation. It costs less than a traditional warehouse management solution and is much more flexible and customizable to fit your small business’ needs.

Myth: It will cost too much to train my employees on a new warehouse management solution.

Reality: Training costs may have been a thing to worry about in the past, but today there are so many more methods to train your employees on new software than the traditional classroom environments. In fact, we offer our clients the opportunity to learn the software at their own pace through our eLearning program, Scanco University. This application allows users to go through training modules at their own pace and on their own time, decreasing the overall training costs of the organization and increasing the mastery of the software among its employees.

As you can see, warehouse management solutions are not as big, scary or costly as the myth-makers make them out to be. If you’d like to learn how you can benefit from implementing a modern-day warehouse management solution, contact us today. We’d love to help you debunk any more myths you may have heard and create a more successful warehouse operation.


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