Need Barcode Hardware? Let’s Talk About Upgrades

October 11th 2018 15:00:00 PM

Do you need barcode hardware? Are you shopping around for upgrades?

Two decades ago, retailers embraced scanners the size of shoe boxes (and about as easy to handle). It wasn’t uncommon to see a rolling cart packed with gigantic scanners and all the accoutrements rolling through the warehouse and receiving dock as a harried worker scurried to ensure everything had a barcode label slapped on it before it went onto the retail floor or into the warehouse.

Fast-forward to today. Barcode hardware has come a long, long way from those big, clunky scanners of old. Your smartphone can now double as a scanner. The same technology that enables you to scan QR codes turns a smartphone into a barcode scanner. How easy is that? Plus, tools such as Scanco integrate with Sage 100, so if you are using any of these systems, your new “barcode hardware” fits right in.

Connecting barcode hardware has never been easier, thanks to Scanco. Today’s barcode software is simple, easy, and intuitive to use. This cuts down on training time and ensures that companies with a seasonal influx of workers can help them understand their jobs and get right to work. Time-saving, money-saving barcode hardware and software is the name of the game in today’s scanning marketplace.

If you’re ready to try that new barcode hardware (that looks suspiciously like your cellphone), let’s talk. Our experts have worked with many different types of businesses in various industries to help them find the right combination of tools to make their jobs easier.

Contact Scanco online or at (330) 645-9959 to learn more about your many options for barcode hardware and software solutions and to schedule your free consultation.



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