NetSuite WMS and Barcodes: Enhanced Tracking for Better Operations

September 20th 2018 15:00:00 PM

NetSuite WMSNetsuite WMS offers exceptional warehouse inventory tracking. Monitor operations, inventory, and shipping more easily when you use NetSuite.

It’s a terrific software on its own, but did you know that if you add barcode solutions, you increase its ability to help you manage your warehouse better?

Let’s take a look at NetSuite WMS and barcoding solutions.

Barcoding Solutions for Today’s Warehouse

Barcoding hasn’t changed much in the decades since it was first introduced. You’re familiar with the standard black and white pattern of lines and spaces on a barcode, of course. Optical readers in scanners translate these patterns into numbers which correspond to data in your system. Matching the numbers on the barcodes to product information provides you with real-time information on what you have in stock, what’s low, what’s shipping, and what’s in receiving.

Older barcode systems required specialized scanners, software, and accessories. Today’s systems, however, use what you already have in your pocket: your smartphone.

With modern barcoding systems, you can:

  • Utilize cloud-based software for real-time reporting
  • Shorten picking and packing time with voice navigation
  • Provide on the job training with a simple, intuitive system
  • Enhance efficiency

Ready to Start? Just Add Scanco to Netsuite WMS

NetSuite WMS integrates seamlessly with Scanco solutions. Our modern barcoding solutions work with any smartphone to connect them to Netsuite WMS and the systems that can transform your warehouse. Speed warehouse inventory, operations and more while reducing errors. Learn more when you contact the warehouse experts at Scanco online or at (330) 645-9959.



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