Questions to Ask Before Buying Barcode Solutions

November 13th 2018 16:00:00 PM

Barcode solutions make warehouse automation possible for all size warehouses but especially for small to mid-sized businesses. Although you may not have the budget or order flow of an Amazon, Walmart, or another e-commerce giant, you can still use tools and technology that make your workflow as efficient as your competitors.

Scanco’s barcode solutions offer software for scanning and inventory management. Our barcode software utilizes your smartphone, turning it into a handheld scanner that’s portable and as easy to use as texting a friend. It integrates with Sage ERP for a seamless transfer of data that helps you keep a close watch on all important metrics.

The Best Barcode Solutions for Your Business

If you’re considering barcode solutions for your warehouse, take a moment to consider the following questions. The answers guide you towards the best solution for your business.

Ask yourself:

  1. Which ERP system do you use? Scanco integrates seamlessly with Sage 100. Not all barcode systems integrate with these software solutions. Custom integration is possible, of course, but expensive. Consider integration as part of the process and a determining factor in which barcode solution you buy.
  2. How many warehouses do you manage? Make sure your chosen solution synchronizes across multiple warehouses.
  3. How quickly can you train new personnel in the system? Seasonal and temporary workers need to get up to speed quickly. Barcode solutions that use smartphones make training temps easier since they are using equipment they are already familiar with—their phones.

Scanco barcode solutions have been helping distributors manage inventory and operations since 1989. We offer solutions that bring the latest technology to busy warehouses everywhere. Before buying your next barcode software and scanning solution, speak with Scanco.

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