Reduce Costs and Increase Competitiveness with Scanco Enterprise

April 17th 2015 16:59:52 PM

How Advanced Enterprise Technology Can Give You the Competitive Edge You Need

Today’s high volume warehouses are struggling to not only keep up with customer demand but with the demands of upper management as well. Warehouse managers are expected to run a continuous operation all while keeping efficiency and accuracy up and costs down. To say this is a challenges is an understatement. For many warehouses out there, this is impossible without the right tools and technology.

Warehouse performance is directly tied to the technology you are using on a daily basis. If your company is still operating outdated warehouse management software and relying on manual processes, you will never outperform the competition. Old or outdated warehouse management solutions drive up costs and decrease efficiency, preventing you from ever getting ahead of your top competitors. In order to get – and stay – ahead of the competition, you need a solution that will grow with your company and meet your unique needs.

Enter advanced enterprise technology.

Advanced enterprise technology isn’t just another new and improved warehouse management system; it is a transformative solution designed to help warehouses reach their full potential. Advanced enterprise technology helps warehouses deliver the perfect order, reduce labor and overhead costs, and maximize equipment in order to stay competitive. These solutions enhance warehouse operations by leveraging advanced capabilities in the following areas: inventory management, warehouse automation (barcoding, RFID and voice direction), labor management, picking/packing, shipping, and warehouse reporting.

The Cost-Saving Features of Scanco Enterprise

Scanco Enterprise is our newest warehouse management product and our only solution designed specifically for the advanced warehouse. We know that larger, higher volume warehouses have more specific needs than those of smaller warehouses, and we’ve created a solution that perfectly meets those needs. Each and every feature contained within Scanco Enterprise is designed to boost your efficiency and increase your productivity, which will – in turn – save your company hundreds upon thousands of dollars in labor and overhead costs.
Take a look at some of the software’s most advanced capabilities and their pay-offs:

  • Advanced Shipping – Working directly with Scanco Warehouse, Advanced Shipping provides you with everything you need to operate efficiently and maintain a high level of control over your inventory situation. The Advanced Shipping feature eliminates time-wasting activities in the pick and pack process by directing pickers and packers to the correct bin locations and automating manual picking and packing processes. This feature also works seamlessly with Sage 100 ERP, eliminating double data entry and invoice work.
  • Automatic Pack List and Barcode Label Printing – Gone are the days of having to walk back and forth across the warehouse to retrieve packing slips or barcode printouts. With Scanco Enterprise, users can print a pack list and barcode labels directly to the print from their mobile device. For further efficiency gains, companies can even purchase add-on hardware accessories for printing barcode labels directly from their mobile devices.
  • Mobile Warehouse Reporting – You don’t need to be at a computer to create and access the reports you need. Scanco Enterprise’s advanced warehouse reporting capabilities allow you to generate and access important reports to help you make the right decisions for your business’ future.
  • Dashboards – The customizable dashboards provide you with instant visibility into the warehouse, allowing you to see what’s happening at any given moment in time and pinpoint problems as they occur.

Ultimately, Scanco Enterprise combines the best of advanced enterprise technology to give you a solution that works – both in terms of cost and competition. Give us a call today to find out how this Sage 100 mobile advanced warehouse management solution delivers the value your advanced enterprise needs.


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