Looking to Reduce Your Environmental Footprint? Ways That Scanco Can Help

April 11th 2024 12:20:13 PM

Monday, April 22, brings the 54th installment of Earth Day, a global annual event dedicated to fighting the ecological issues of the world and a goal of conserving the Earth’s natural resources and its existing natural environment and, where possible, repairing damage and reversing environmental degradation trends. Scanco stands tall with all walks of environmental crusaders in the movement for long-term environmental prosperity, combatting the effects of human impact on living & non-living biophysical environments, ecosystems, biodiversity, and natural resources.

Read on for some ways we can help YOUR company do the same.

Scanco’s Role in Helping the Environment

As a provider of automated warehouse management and supply chain solutions for a wide variety of Manufacturing and Distribution companies worldwide, Scanco knows the importance of its position as a leader in its industry – and as a bellwether in advancing environmental protection in the warehouse sector. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to bring best-in-class, fully integrated automated warehouse operations solutions to reduce hazards to the environment.

Scanco’s solutions are designed with maximum warehouse efficiency in mind. Automation is the overriding theme in all of our solutions. That automation allows a manufacturer and distributor to:
• Manage inventory
• Check pricing
• Determine production priorities
• Sync with back-office applications

…and more – and do so fully paperless, with nothing more than the touch of a few buttons. Automation doesn’t end outside the warehouse; these efficiency-driving offerings can be activated remotely with mobile capabilities.

Increased Control, Visibility & Accuracy = The Job’s Done Right the First Time

Anyone who’s spent even a minimal amount of time in a manufacturing or distribution environment knows that all moving parts – from conveyor belts and forklifts moving product to trucks pulling in and out of loading docks — need not only to coexist but do so smoothly for maximum outcome. Warehouses that use Scanco’s automated software solutions routinely see improved order accuracy with their outgoing shipments – meaning minimal extra shipments to correct inventory errors, saving energy consumption.

Automated Payments & Accounting Systems Minimize Use of Resources

Furthermore, Scanco’s cutting-edge technologies for warehouse visibility and efficiency include something not many of our peers have: payment automation solutions. Scanco’s proprietary ePayments & I2Pay (Invoice2Pay) offerings are significant steps towards fully-automated Accounts Receivable processes — enabling manufacturing and distribution warehouses to:
• Streamline payment transactions
• Send and receive online payment & cash receipts
• Enhance operational efficiency,
• Achieve greater financial accuracy

This is yet another instance of full automation that is paperless and environmentally protective.

Doing Our Part for a Stronger Ecosystem

Every product we develop at Scanco has an eye toward making sure we leave this world in the best possible shape for future generations. We fully align with Earth Day’s mission to ‘Diversify, educate and activate the environmental movement worldwide to drive positive action for our planet.’ And through our unequaled warehousing and supply chain solutions, we’re confident that automated, efficient, and transparent workplaces will help achieve that outcome.

Contact us online or call (330) 645-9959 to make an appointment with a Scanco Solutions Expert today. We can help you find the right solution for your company. 


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