Returns Getting You Down? Inventory Control Software Makes Restocking Faster

May 16th 2019 15:00:00 PM

Inventory control software offers more than just a way to help you maintain accurate stock counts. It’s also a great tool to help streamline your return area. If handling returns is last on the list of tasks to get done at your warehouse, it’s time to change that.

Why Restocking Efficiency Matters 

The typical return process starts at the register or mail room when items arrive back at the location. These must be sorted, counted, and validated as approved returns. Paperwork must be processed, and the items placed in the returns area. 

This is where most returns stall. The returns area, often part of receiving or backstock, tends to start looking like a rummage sale gone wild. Items are placed willy-nilly on floors, shelves, and tables, without rhyme or reason. In some companies, warehouse workers re-scan and replace returned items only when they have time. Who has time to spare? Now you see the problem. 

Without efficient restocking, you run several risks. First, you have the risk of over-ordering items you may already have in stock. Items waiting in the returns area should be scanned back into inventory the moment they arrive and replaced in the proper bin or shelf to ensure that, if they’re needed, they can be retrieved and sent out again. Failing to scan them can lead to “out of stock” notices and triggers to restock items that are available. 

Secondly, you’ll lose sales. If something says “out of stock” on your website but sits in the backstock/returns area, it’s just losing money for your company until you can get it back into the inventory. 

The Right Inventory Control Software Saves Time and Money

The right inventory control software can save your company time and money. Scanco Systems offers barcode scanning software that works on a smartphone. Just tap, swipe, and done. Items can then be quickly replaced on the proper shelves or bins and you’re ready to go. 

It’s surprising how the right inventory control software can make replacing returned items faster. Check out Scanco software for more information on inventory and warehouse management software. 

Please contact us online or call (330) 645-9959 to arrange your personal consultation with a Scanco Solutions Expert to learn more about how Scanco Warehouse for Sage 100 can help you run a more efficient warehouse. 


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