Scanco Payments for Sage 100 Offers Advanced Mobile Capabilities

October 6th 2021 18:52:05 PM

We are pleased to announce Scanco Payments, an exciting new set of digital mobile payment functionality for the Scanco Mobile Sales app. Using Scanco Payments, Sage 100 users can process customer payments in the field from a mobile device. The module automatically and seamlessly transfers the payment information to Sage 100, so orders, invoices, and customer data are up to date.

The product is currently in development, and we are seeking additional Beta sites. Please contact us for more information or join us at our webinar on October 21 to see all the great features of Scanco Payments.

Scanco Mobile Sales Automates the Sage 100 Order Process

Scanco Mobile Sales is used by many of our customers to automate the sales order process. Using their phones or tablets, sales representatives can stay connected to customer, product, and inventory information that exists in Sage 100 even while at a customer site. Real-time information provides a superior buying experience and increases customer satisfaction.

Scanco Payments Adds New Functionality

Now, Scanco Payments brings the next level of functionality by adding digital payments to the sales process in the field. If an order is in Sage 100, the sales representative can collect EMV payments directly from the customer either with mobile terminals or through a customer portal. The Click2Pay portal enables customers to view invoices or sales orders that were generated in Sage 100 and then make a payment using a stored card.

Scanco Payments is powered by VelocIT Connect, which allows businesses to process digital payments directly within Sage 100.

This new functionality not only improves the customer experience, but also provides benefits such as more efficient accounting processes, more accuracy, and greater security.

Digital Payments Speed Up Account Receivables

Scanco Payments simplifies the AR process and frees up time for the accounting department. When customers and sales representatives can take charge of the payment process, invoices can be paid effortlessly without the intervention of AR. Seamless integration with Sage 100, eliminating additional data entry, ensures that invoice and payment data are up to date.

EMV Payments Are More Secure

Scanco Payments offers EMV card payments for secure, mobile payments. EMV is the “chip card” technology that provides more secure card payments, thereby reducing merchant liability. The chip dynamically creates a securely encrypted transaction code every time it is used. The payment is so secure that EMV credit card data cannot be read by cybercriminals even if they breach the system. In fact, Visa has seen an 87% decrease in fraud since the chip card was introduced.

VelocIT provides best-in-class P2PE (point to point encryption) which secures every transaction and stored card. This level of security simplifies PCI compliance and protects against data breaches as only tokenized card data is stored.

Extended Sage 100 Payment Functionality

VelocIT also offers Sage 100 users with integrated EMV terminals advanced counter sale functionality. The other great benefit VelocIT brings to the Scanco payment solution is rate optimization which can lower rates by up to 30% by supporting level 2 & 3 data automatically.

Learn More About Scanco Payments

Join us at our webinar on October 21 to see all the great features of Scanco Payments.

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