Small Business Inventory Software Makes Your Company Look Bigger More Quickly

September 17th 2019 15:00:00 PM

If you’re operating a start-up, your goal likely isn’t for your company to remain a small business for very long. More than likely, you’ve been thinking about, planning, and dreaming of starting your own venture for some time. Modern technology has been good for small business owners by allowing them to compete on a more level playing field with larger companies. You can use it to your advantage by embracing tools like small business inventory software that can help your business run more efficiently and make it look bigger more quickly.

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Inventory Management Software for Your Small Business 

The most basic form of inventory management for a small business is the spreadsheet. This method, combined with regular physical inventory counts, is used to keep track of stock. Some business owners prefer to track numbers from invoices against purchase orders instead.

The problem with these methods is that they aren’t necessarily reliable. Data entry operators can make mistakes when inputting numbers into a computer system. This task is time-consuming and takes time away from other matters necessary to work in the business.

Inventory management software makes keeping track of stock counts in multiple bins (and multiple locations) easier and more convenient. It tracks the number of incoming units from your suppliers and the number of products available in bins and on shelves after accounting for orders placed but not shipped. The software can also tell you when you have too many of a certain item in stock and need to stock up on another that is suddenly selling quickly.

How to Make Your Small Business Look Bigger Using Small Business Inventory Software 

In today’s marketplace, the playing field has become more level due to online marketing and digital tools like small business inventory software. There’s no reason why your small business can’t market to bigger clients. You’ll want to make sure you’re crossing all your t’s and dotting all the i’s before you make your pitch. Here are some ways small business inventory software can help.

  1. Makes accurate inventory tracking a priority.
    Inventory tracking isn’t just counting what is being stored in your warehouse. It means keeping close tabs on each item coming into and going out of the premises. All purchase order invoices and sales receipts need to be processed promptly so stock levels can be adjusted.
  2. Notes trends for greater accuracy in ordering.
    As you are able to keep more accurate records of your inventory, you’ll be better able to predict when certain items are more likely to sell. Having them available when customer demand is likely to be high puts your company in a good position to move your inventory quickly.
  3. Tracks your entire supply chain picture.
    The inventory software can show you and your team at a glance what items are coming into your warehouse and which ones are going out, whether certain items are being bought together, etc.

Scanco Mobility App for Sage 100 

If you want to say “Goodbye” to the clipboard forever, look no further than the Scanco apps for Sage 100. It makes short work of physical inventory counts and operates on Wi-Fi or cellular networks.

This option makes it easy to import data collected on mobile devices. Inventory, sales orders, purchase orders, and bills of materials can all easily be imported into your small business inventory software so that you can track all activity. Any records containing discrepancies are automatically rejected. If you want to generate a report from a specific time, it’s easy to generate the data you need on-screen or to print a hard copy.

Part of operating your small business like a larger enterprise is keeping errors to a minimum. If you’re ready to take the next step and inquire about small business inventory software, contact us online or call (330) 645-9959 today for your personal appointment with a Scanco Solutions Expert now.


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