Software for Warehouse Management – What You Need Now

July 5th 2018 15:00:00 PM

Software for warehouse management; it’s what sets the elephants apart from the ants.

Did you know that Amazon is considering shipping appliances? Their solution is software for warehouse management. It’s not just available to the big guys, either. Small to mid-sized manufacturers can also find accessible, useful tools for better warehouse management, too.

Everyone wants to be as successful as Amazon. So what sets it apart? Technology; Amazon embraces the latest technology to improve warehouse efficiency.

Imagine robotic carts zipping through the warehouse, automated picking and packing, and robots that can scan the shelves to update inventory. They’re that good.

That may sound like science fiction for most small to mid-sized manufacturing businesses. We agree that it’s probably not feasible to add such systems to your warehouses—now. But, you can update your technology to reduce picking and packing errors, improve receiving time, and ensure real-time and accurate information.

Did you know … ? Warehouse Management Facts

  • The average company loses $390,000+ annually because of picking mistakes.
  • These picking mistakes can lead to lost inventory dollars.
  • Picking mistakes can also lead to lost sales as customers defect to other businesses.
  • Receiving is often the bottleneck in the warehouse, with items waiting to be scanned into receiving and prioritized behind shipments out.
  • Yet, failing to scan items into receiving means stock counts are inaccurate—items may be at your warehouse yet marked “out of stock” in the inventory if they aren’t scanned in.

Sage Mobility, along with Sage 100, offers an affordable combination to improve warehouse efficiency. We know it can reduce errors, improve speed of the receiving area, and save a lot of time by eliminating manual data entry.

If you’d like to explore these affordable, easy to install tools, let’s talk. Please contact Scanco online or at (330) 645-9959.



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